FoPo -vs- Lents (And More)

Screen shot 2014-06-16 at 12.36.53 PMI’m sure that title got a few peoples’ attention.  We won’t go there, though.

Instead, let’s discuss what’s planned as a friendly game of kickball.  Maybe, actually, spirited.  Perhaps even a little competitive.

Welcome to Outer Southeast Inter-neighborhood Kickball, a tournament to crown one neighborhood for kickball supremacy.

That’s why I’m going.

But there’s also leisure and laughter, and sun and socializing and refreshments.  And neighborhood-building, and even a bit of exercise if you want—ok, maybe it’s just a tournament for fun.

Make it what you want, but definitely make it.  And maybe, just maybe, FoPo will reign supreme.

Screen shot 2014-06-16 at 12.34.43 PMHere are the details:

On Sunday, July 20th, a team of sludgy FoPo pirates* (disguised as kids, moms, dads, urban singles, and everything in between) will host the equivalent representatives from Lents in an old school game of kickball.

Welcome to Kern Park.  Defend the turf.

This is where you come in.  The team at this point is essentially half a dozen, loosely committed neighborhood association folks.  That’s fine and well—and without their financial contribution and organization, this wouldn’t be happening—but it’s also boring.  That’s where we come in.  And by we, I mean you and all your sordid caste of friends.  Bring ’em.  And again, defend the turf.

walking-the-plankThe match starts at 2 p.m.  Loser walks the plank.  Winner advances to the next round, where they’ll take on Mt. Scott-Arleta at Lents Park the following weekend (date/time TBA).

Here’s the full schedule:

Week 1
July 19: Woodstock vs Creston-Kenilworth (Woodstock Park, 2 -4 pm)
July 20: Foster-Powell vs Lents (Kern Park, 2 -4 pm)
Week 2
July 26: Winner of Creston-Kenilworth / Woodstock vs Brentwood-Darlington (Brentwood-Darlington Park, 2 -4 pm)
July 26: Winner of FoPo / Lents vs Mt. Scott-Arleta (tentatively set for Lents Park, 2 -4 pm)
Week 3
August 2: Championship game at Mt. Scott Park, 2 -4 pm

Much thanks to the Mt. Scott-Arleta Neighborhood Association for organizing the tournament, as well as securing funding through Southeast Uplift’s Creative Engagement grant program.  Also, thanks to the other participating neighborhood associations for their financial contributions.

* Disclaimer: there will be no actual pirate involvement.  Though, there could be.

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7 Responses to FoPo -vs- Lents (And More)

  1. 62ndgarden says:

    I think we should be the Fo Po Pirates

  2. I’d be ok with that.

  3. ElderOne says:

    Suck it, Lentils. Ye shall eat our kickballs.

    • Jesse Cornball says:

      This is so offensive and elitist. Must be a West Fosterite. Probably voted for the lane reduction and those commie bicycles. Asshole is going to get his kickballs kicked.

  4. Cora Potter says:


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