Foster Road Gets City Approval to Move Forward With Improvements

Foster Road Banner:StreetscapeAfter a long-fought battle to improve pedestrian safety and implement a streetscape plan for Foster, City Council finally acknowledged the needs of those who live along the corridor.  With a unanimous vote, the Mayor and City Commissioners gave the nod for an updated Foster Streetscape Plan that will improve safety and livability for residents who have long advocated for a better Foster.

Now they’ll get it.

This process has been well documented by us, Foster United, the surrounding neighborhood associations, and local conversation amongst neighbors, business owners, and folks that see Foster’s great potential.  Many, many people and organizations have dedicated themselves to making Foster shine with a much needed facelift and traffic reconfiguration that will now improve crossing conditions for pedestrians, slow vehicular traffic, add access and travel lanes for bikers, provide a turning/refuge lane for drivers, and provide better lighting, more trees, and some public art as icing on the cake.  In addition to some of the above improvements, folks in Lents will also get wider sidewalks that will lead in to their recently completed Foster/Woodstock streetscape area.

Foster Love Bike Bell

Foster Love Bike Bell

But we know about all that.

This post is to thank and congratulate all those who have worked long and hard to advocate for Foster Road.  This has been nearly 12 years in the making, and it would have been easy to give up at any point along the way.

We’re glad you didn’t.  Viva la Foster!

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4 Responses to Foster Road Gets City Approval to Move Forward With Improvements

  1. MattSE60th says:

    Woo-hoo! So excited to see this finally start happening! Sincere thanks to all those who helped get us here.

  2. Ryan says:

    Well, it happened…this got slammed through city council to the dismay of many & hooray of a few (relatively). As a biker I’d not be excited to share my commute with a long line of pissed off drivers. For those who live within a few blocks of Foster, be careful with your kids because all of your surface streets are about to become VERY busy! During rush hour Foster is a River of Cars and now the city is going to attempt to force that river into a Stream of Cars…well all those extra cars gotta go somewhere.
    This is NOT going to make more people ride bikes, and several business owners have already made it public that they will no longer look at Foster as a “viable place to bring their business”.
    I’m sure it will be asthetically pleasing, anything would be better than how it looks now, but at what cost? This is a terrible, one sided solution that is not thought through. Same mistakes as the people who built I-205 40 years ago and told us it would never get maxed out.
    For all those that were sooooo excited, and pushed so hard for this…this is on you! And when this becomes a total traffic nightmare and accidents go up in the surrounding areas, YOU will be to blame.

  3. grrlpup says:

    So excited that a diagonal route will finally be available to the people who need it most– those who are moving under their own power on foot and by bike! And that I will no longer have to allow for too many frustrating minutes trying to cross the street to catch the bus downtown. 🙂

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