Happy Weekend, Foster!

Happy weekend, folks.  We got word that Foster Burger is expanding.  Sidewalk and patio tables are warming up.  And the Foster Streetscape Plan is days away from a City Council vote.  Life’s good in Fosterville.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– A lot of local references in the media lately.  Cheers to good press, and thanks to Melissa Binder, from the Oregonian, for noticing us.

– First, it was announced that our neighborhood will benefit from two Southeast Uplift Creative Engagement Grants.  One of the grants was awarded to the Mt. Scott-Arleta Neighborhood Association to host and organize an inter-neighborhood kickball tournament over the summer.  We’re still waiting on game dates and times, but expect to represent your neighborhood when we find out more.
The other grant was awarded to local artists (well, not just local artists…they’re also the couple behind the Foster-Powell Community Garden, and overall rad folks) who will undertake the challenge of livening up some of our vacant and nondescript storefronts.  Their goal is to create window-front art installations in four unused building on Foster.  But they want to do it with you.  When more information is available, you’ll be asked to take part if you’re so inclined.

– Secondly, there was a nice writeup in the Oregonian about the aforementioned community garden, as well as the long, grueling effort behind getting it off the ground.  Peep it: here.

– And finally, not a direct reference, but a topic that definitely touches Foster: neighborhood eyesores.  Again, Binder touched on this local topic in a recent post, asking “What’s the biggest eyesore in your neighborhood?”  Naturally, the Phoenix Pharmacy was mentioned in the comment section.  Feel free to share your thoughts.

– It appears that Foster Art Night is back.  June 21.  We’re not sure what it will bring, aside from the customary zigzagging between bars….but it’s worth checking out.

– Another artist finds a home at Foster Row: Kello World.

– The Portland Mercado is looking for artists to paint a mural on their west-facing wall.  If you know anybody…

– Live music for the weekend:
Starday- Devlin James and GO DOG GO, Friday; The Bakersfield Rejects, Saturday
Torta- Johnathan Trawick, Friday; Chris Taylor, Saturday
Gemini- DJ Encrypted, Saturday

Have a good weekend, folks.  And feel free to let us know what else is going on.

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