Neighborhood Eyesores

Melissa Binder, the SE/SW reporter for the Oregonian, solicited reader feedback today in a post asking, “What’s the biggest eyesore in your neighborhood?”

IMG_0842That’s a relevant question for many SE neighborhoods, Foster in particular.  We have  many varieties of decrepitude along our commercial strip; some eyesores are big, others small.  Repurposing just one or two of them could make a world of difference in how Foster is perceived.

I’m sure the Phoenix Pharmacy pops up first in most peoples’ minds.  And for good reason.  It sits prominently in the central core of Foster, and it oozes history and potential for future use.  But there it sits, idle and boarded up.

Here’s what one Oregonlive commentator had to say about the space:
“The Phoenix Pharmacy building at 6615 SE Foster. The most painful thing about it is that it *could* be such a beautiful structure, but the patchwork of plywood and sign scrap that’s boarding up the bottom and the frequent vandalizing of any paintable surface ruins it. People have been babbling about it for years (see below) but it looks as ramshackle now as it did 10 years ago. At this point I’d rather raze the structure and put something viable there instead of letting the building rot.
I think apartments up top and a restaurant below would be great.”

Binder—in today’s post—dares her readers to share their vision for the sites they deem eyesores.  

So what say you?  Are there other buildings on Foster you’d like to see remodeled, demolished, or given a fresh coat of paint?  

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9 Responses to Neighborhood Eyesores

  1. Ruben Medina says:

    Well not to throw shade at some neighbors but I have two pet peeves that I think make the neighborhood less attractive. The first is chain link fences in the front yards and next, and probably greater offense is a front yard in a particular corner of a block where the homeowner uses cheap unpolished river rock as the sole landscaping motif…

  2. Aaron says:

    Guilty of [whatever’s the political term for ‘white trash’]-style rusty chain link in front yard! I’ve planted tons of things that nearly obscure it, but not quite. Just gotta get up the initiative and werewithall to replace it with something nicer. I totally agree with your aesthetic; I’ll catch up someday! Meanwhile try to overlook the prison chic….

  3. Kathy Ireland says:

    Stores that have cigarette prices and Coke, milk, etc signs covering the windows. They look like bulletin boards. Also the tall weeds in the cracks of the side walks.make things look deserted.

  4. Indeed. There are some definite eyesores on the residential side of things, too. Thanks for the input, all.

  5. Glen says:

    Right now my favorite eyesore in the hood is the burned out Ford Ranger pickup truck on the SE corner of 66th and Holgate. Fills my heart with FoPo pride just walking by it everyday.

  6. Khat says:

    I’ve own my home here for 10years I also work in the hood. What I hate is that new people tell me I’m not part of ” foster Powell” because I live on 59th & Holgate.

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