PDC to Invest Big Bucks on Foster’s Main Commercial Hubs

Well, this is exciting:  Change ready to pounce on Lents

According to the Portland Tribune, the Portland Development Commission plans to invest $25.7 million in Lents over the next five years as part of a new action plan for the area.  That’s a big score for our neighbors to the east.  A much needed score, too.

But this is not just a score for Lents.  Foster Road, in general, has been neglected over the years, and the PDC wants to correct some of its missteps in the Lents Town Center and encourage more investment and growth in the Heart of Foster.

For clarification, our stretch of Foster Road is included in the Lents Town Center Urban Renewal Area.  That means more public investment will be coming our way, too.  As the article points out, the PDC will be narrowing its scope to focus primarily on the commercial hubs of 92nd and Foster, as well as the “Heart of Foster” centering around SE 67th.

Coupled with (anticipated) new streetscape and traffic improvements that would bridge the two districts, Foster stands to get a lot more snazzed up in the coming years.  And if the PDC’s facilitation of the Portland Mercado and Z Haus Brewery are any indication, they mean business this time.

I guess one good thing about the PDC’s past blunders in the Lents URA is new hope for corrective action.  That hope now comes in the form of nearly $26 million.  According the Tribune article, investments in the two districts will include, among other things, assisting local businesses, creating jobs, and creating affordable housing.  Presumably, that will be in addition to current efforts to improve storefronts and lure more investment into the area (hint: someone to buy the Phoenix Pharmacy or set up shop in the former Save-A-Lot space).

Godspeed, PDC.  Godspeed.

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5 Responses to PDC to Invest Big Bucks on Foster’s Main Commercial Hubs

  1. Cora Potter says:

    The good thing about the action plan is it both defines and sets a limited list of projects and sets an estimated level of investment for the two nodes ($20m in Lents and 5m on West Foster- which includes the streetscape and Mercado).


    While the Phoenix pharmacy is in the list of potential projects the sav-a-lot is not. The Mt Scott Fuel project is limited to a DOS.

  2. Yes, a tighter focus should produce better and more tangible results. Hopefully.

    Question for you:

    Of the $5 mil+ for West Foster, is that in addition to what’s already been spent or set aside for the two projects you mention (for example, $2mil has already been allocated for the streetscape)? Or, are you saying they could use that $5mil for further investment in the Mercado and streetscape plan?

    • Cora Potter says:

      It’s not in addition to- it’s including those amounts. There’s actually very little additional funding beyond the Mercado and streetscape projects and most of that has been allocated to development studies for Mt Scott Fuel and the Phoenix Pharmacy building.

  3. Hmmm? Well hopefully those studies prove fruitful.

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