Happy Weekend, Foster!

It’s crazy to think that we’re almost into June…midway through the year.  Yes, we still have plenty of spring left and summer to look forward to, but time seems to be moving quickly.  We hope you all have nice, three-day weekend ahead of you.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– Jake “the Snake” Roberts.  That’s all I’m sayin’.  Bobwhite Theatre, May 31.  Why wouldn’t you?

– Speaking of The Bobwhite, new manager, Nick Haas, chatted with us recently and opened up about his plans for the theatre.  Check out that conversation here.

– Save the date: Foster-Powell Garden Tour, June 21. This will be the eighth yearly romp around the ‘hood whilst checking out the various landscapes, urban jungles, farms, etc. If you haven’t been, don’t judge too quickly. This isn’t a Better Homes and Gardens campaign; host gardens often have raffle tickets, food, drink, art for sale, and other giveaways. Oh, and the aforementioned drink? Past tour stops have offered jungle juice, mimosa makings, and home-crafted beers. Perhaps that will sell you.

– Props to our very own, Foster Burger.  Business Insider recently named them as Oregon’s “best burger.” Specifically, they point to the classic and ‘the Burner’ as top burgers.  The only issue with their review is that they refer to the place as a “lively Portland chain.” Unless we’re missing something, they didn’t do all their homework—there’s only one Foster Burger.

– Help your neighbors survey the health of our local tree system.  Foster-Powell is conducting an official tree inventory, with the hopes of later being able to identify gaps in the system and find resources and a plan to increase the canopy.  That would include Foster Road, where PBOT may or may not include trees as part of the streetscape plan.  You have a couple options if you want to participate: first, pick a date (there are four) that you want to help inventory; second, if you want more involvement, sign up for a ‘team leader’ training and help coordinate the volunteer effort.  More info here.

– Music for the weekend:
Gemini Lounge- Finn Doxie, Friday; Amber Harlan Granmo, Saturday
Torta- Brandi Haile, Friday; Dennis Elmer, Saturday
Starday- WaveSauce (Surf Music), and The Quags (English Rock), Friday; the Ventilators, Saturday

As always, let us know what else is going on this weekend.  Or, if you have any other news or tidbits you want to share, email us at fosterpowellpdx@gmail.com.  Be cool, folks.

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