Happy Weekend, Foster!

Happy Friday, folks.  We trust you’re all enjoying the sun and are getting into summer mode.  As you know, Foster takes on a different form when it bakes in the sun.  More people walking; more happy hours; more oddballs doing their thing; more kids and families strolling about; gardens pop.  Make sure you’re soaking it all in.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– Soon enough, we’ll be done cheerleading for the Portland Mercado.  Until then, you’ll have to bare with us.  Last night’s groundbreaking was monumental for the neighborhood, and even Mayor Hales made it out for the proverbial first shoveling.  But what really drove home the excitement: food and community.  Yes, food will be a big component of the Mercado, and Mixteca Catering gave us a small glimpse into what’s to come.  Also, the energy at the design engagement party was infectious.  A lot of folks are excited about this project, from the vendors who’ll set up shop and start their businesses there, to the neighbors who are ready to embrace what will soon transform the bleak corner of 72nd and Foster.

– Torta-landia missed out on the city’s initial offering of street seats permits for the season.  There’s no official word why, but at this point the new entrants into the street seat scene make it a pretty small list.  And they’re all clustered in closer-in neighborhoods.  Hopefully this is only temporary bad news in our bid for more outdoor seating.

– Oh, wait.  Did we say outdoor seating?  Don’t forget how many options we do have to dine and drink curbside or in a patio somewhere.  From Carts on Foster to Foster Garden, there are plenty of options.  Some better than others, but all worthy of your patronage.  Ok, maybe not all….but, still.  Also, the word is, Bar Maven has a new cafe permit and will be adding sidewalk seating.

– RuPaul’s Drag Race season finale.  Get on it.  Monday at Bar Carlo…starts at 9:00.

– We didn’t post this originally, but maybe for good reason.  City Council was set to take the Draft Foster Streetscape Plan to review on May 29, but they’ve delayed the vote to approve (or not?  Lord let that not be so) the plan a few weeks…though, a new date has not been set.  We’ll let you know more as we hear.

– Music for the weekend:
Torta- Bob Heyer, Friday; Ozzrocket, Saturday
Starday- BridgeCreek band, Friday

So it appears to be a slow weekend, let us know what else is going on.  Be cool, all.

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One Response to Happy Weekend, Foster!

  1. Spiffy says:

    Torta-Landia shouldn’t even need a street-seat permit because the front of their business is actually a driveway that you can’t technically park in front of anyway, even though I do… putting seats in right in front of their driveway space wouldn’t really effect anything…

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