Kern Park Flower Shoppe to Open Tomorrow

As we reported a few weeks back, Kern Park Floral will be re-opening soon.  Tomorrow, according to owners Holly and Kimberly.  Here’s a little update from the two:

“…we’ve been a bit busy these days in an effort to “spiff up” the place. My daughter & I are excited to announce that we’re re-opening under new ownership, new management, & a slightly new name, Kern Park Flower Shoppe. We will strive to provide quality flowers, plants, & service to the community. In addition, we are working to partner with some local artists to bring their goods to the neighborhood. The original Kern Park Floral Co. was initially established in 1915 and had continued as a family owned & operated business until 2013. Effective May 6, 2014, we will be opening the flower shop as the 4th & 5th generation of the same family. We very much look forward to re-establishing ourselves in OUR neighborhood and look forward to meeting you.
We’d also like to send out a big thank you to the dozens of people that have stopped by to wish us luck and have shown their support.”

Holly & Kimberly”

A few points to take away:

– This place goes back. Way back (1915).
– Kern Park Flower Shoppe will be a family operation
– They’ll be open in time for Mother’s Day
– Local artists should connect with them to incorporate their goods into the shop

I suppose this means the Holgate transformation is nearly complete.

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3 Responses to Kern Park Flower Shoppe to Open Tomorrow

  1. blakedore says:

    Awesome news!

  2. Sarah says:

    We are so excited for this! We can recall many moons ago when we lived in Creston and the floral shop still had its greenhouses full of flowers on the lots that now have the new homes. My four year old and I will have to walk over tomorrow to say hello.

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