Happy Weekend, Foster!

Well, my yard’s been sufficiently flushed.  Dog has cabin fever.  And I’m back to being Vitamin D-deficient.  How are you?  Better, hopefully, now that it’s the weekend.  If only we could get that sun back.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– Blazers, huh?  How about ’em?  I’m pretty sure you can catch the game tonight anywhere in the neighborhood, from Midpoint Food & Drink and O’Malley’s,  to Red’s and Spot 79.  Find your comfy zone.

– Just a reminder / plug:  the Foster-Powell and Mt. Scott-Arleta neighborhood cleanup is next Saturday, May 3.  If you’re in need of a proper expunging, help the two neighborhood associations raise some money.  Bring your junk to Areleta school and save a few bucks on typical dump fees.  $10 per car/truck load.

– Also, if you want to help raise even more money for your NA, get some groovy Foster bike bells.  $10 each, and they’ll come in handy when we get spiffy new bike lanes.

– Looking ahead: May 4 is Star Wars Day.  Really, it is.  And Devil’s Point and Bar Carlo are both bringing the force.  Bar Carlo will be playing the original trilogy back to back for you all to get your fill.  Meanwhile, Devil’s Point will have a Star Wars themed costume contest to coincide with Stripparaoke.

– If you like trees, have a neighbor that does, or simply want to learn more about the local tree system and find resources to get more planted in the neighborhood, Bar Carlo is the place to be on Monday, 4/28, at 6:30.  This will be a preliminary meeting to get interested parties involved with an eventual Neighborhood Tree Inventory.  For 99% of you, that sounds exceptionally boring, but the positive impact on the neighborhood may just be worth it.

– Music for the weekend:
Torta- Cilantro Music, Friday; Dennis Elmer, Saturday
Gemini Lounge- Amber Harlan Granmo, Saturday
Starday Tavern- The Rogue Bluegrass Band, Friday; The Dischords (80’s style Power Pop), featuring Greg Georgreson, on Saturday

Have a good weekend, all.  Be cool, be safe.

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