Happy Weekend, Foster!

It’s Friday in Foster Land.  Hopefully you all have a couple days of rest ahead of you.  Maybe you’ll squeeze in some time for a bite to eat, a drink, and/or some live music.  Easter egg hunting, perhaps?

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– Well, it’s that time of year where our alleyways turn into sludgy, urban obstacle courses for the motor-biking many.  For the last several years, these guys have made Foster-Powell alleys their urban motocross circuit.  Some think it rad; others have planted booby traps to deter them.  Either way, it’s quite the spectacle.  And if history repeats, the Alley Sweeper Urban Enduro will make its way here this Saturday.

– Sometimes bad news turns into good news.  Not long after it was announced that Pulsar Productions lost its lease to operate the Bob White Theatre, the keys were handed over to a new theater manager.  So, no more under-age raves…but the music plays on.  And the newest incarnation of the theater should cater to a more diverse crowd.  First up on the events calendar:  Cascadia Psychedelic Revival 3, “Easter 420 Prankfest.”  All-night show, $15; laser show, multiple bands…breakfast included.

– The Stakeholder Advisory Committee met for the final time this week before the revised Foster Streetscape Plan goes to City Council for (hopeful) adoption.  When it goes  to the Commissioners is still unknown, but we did learn that even if adopted, construction will not start until 2016 at the earliest.  Ugh!

– For all the families in the ‘hood:  Easter Egg Hunt for the little ones (5 and under) on Saturday; Kern Park, 4 pm.  Bring a dozen eggs; picnic afterwards if the sun’s out.

– There’s a nice writeup on Foster Row by the Urban Art Network.  The intro captures the neighborhood pretty well:
     “Southeast Foster is a neighborhood with plenty of variety. In a single block you can find a Thai food market, wellness center, Vietnamese bakery, a few food carts, two nudie establishments and a trendy burger joint. “The neighborhood is going through a transition,” says Jen Erickson. She and partner Mark Pendergrass are now throwing a shared art studio into the mix.”

– Time for a neighborhood-wide piggy bank?  We can crack it open when we have enough to buy the Phoenix Pharmacy.  Or any other vacant building on Foster, for that matter.  Who’s in?

– Weekend music:
Torta– Sidestreet Reny, Friday; Bearwater on Saturday
Starday– Wave Sauce and the Wannabe 52’s (synth-surf music), Friday; Fat Tire Band (classic rock) on Saturday
Gemini Lounge– Finn Doxie (celtic harp/modern), Friday
BobWhite Theatre– Easter 420 Prankfest, Saturday-Sunday



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