Big To-do Saturday at the Foster-Powell Community Garden

Ok, maybe you don’t like to shovel dirt.  Or maybe you don’t have a green thumb.  We forgive you, then, for not making it to any of the FoPo Community Garden work parties.

But if you could ever be convinced to make your way to the much-transformed lot at SE 62nd, just south of Powell, this Saturday would be the day.  There are three components to Saturday’s event, which is the garden’s only planned fundraiser for the year:

Plant Sale- plants for sale will raise money for the garden and the never-ending effort to keep it growing and meet the full, planned build-out.  To make this sale a success, the garden is also taking plant donations for the event.  If you have any plants to split, pot, and share, bring them to the garden on Friday, or Saturday between 10a – 12p.  Also for sale will be pastries and FoPo ceramic mushroom ornaments.

Raffle- the second portion of the fundraiser, raffle tickets will sell for $1.00 (buy several if you so please).  Grand prize gets dibs on the garden’s first raised bed for all your year’s veggie-growing needs.  This comes with access to all the garden’s tools, water, etc.  Second prize gets you beer…home-brewed locally by one of our own in FoPo.  Third prize is a decorated glass and window frame for garden art.  Check out the garden website for more info.

Mural- after you’ve bought some plants and raffle tickets, then you get to pretty up the place. Garden signage and decorations will come courtesy of (partially) you.  Help paint what will soon become the entryway signage to the garden.

Make it happen, folks.  The garden organizers have put a lot of time and energy into this project, as well as a lot of their own money and resources.  Help ’em out; help the community out.  The plant, raffle and mural-painting will take place Saturday, April 12, from 12p – 4p.  If you have any plants you can donate for the sale, drop them off any time between 10a – 12p on Saturday, or on the day before (yes, that would be Friday).

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