More Foster Property For Sale

Screen shot 2014-03-27 at 9.14.16 AMOh, and while we’re on the topic of property for sale…

Here’s this winner.

“Prime real estate just awaiting a cosmetic touch-up.  Move-in ready and perfect for your new business in up-and-coming Foster-Powell.”

The listing doesn’t really say that.

Because—by “prime real estate”— we really mean forlorn, shoddy, and questionable code compliance.  But for $250,000 in the “Heart of Foster,” that’s a steal.  Right?

Get in while you can.  And if you do, let us know about the second-story addition.  It’s quite intriguing.

* On a serious note, with the Phoenix Pharmacy finding potential suitors a block away, and the Portland Mercado setting up shop a few blocks in the other direction, this is good land to own.  Or so I’d think.  Maybe a simple cosmetic upgrade really is all it needs.  Any creative types out there with some extra cash? 

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6 Responses to More Foster Property For Sale

  1. Jill-O says:

    Doesn’t the same guy own that building and the old Phoenix Pharmacy building…the Buck’s Stoves guy?

  2. Glen says:

    I love the phrase “up and coming”. It’s only been 12 years since they started the “Streetscape” plan for Foster. Up and coming? Pfft.

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