Food Co-op, Anyone?

Russian HouseFor sale: multi-use complex, ripe for paintball wars and end-of-times training and obstacle course.

Or, more realistically, a food co-op.

I suppose it would be sad to lose the Russian House, with its assortment of teas and VHS tapes for sale.  And with it, too, Russian Elegant Foods.  But I’m not so sure business is booming there…if at all.  Though if it is, maybe the current tenants stay.

Yours, for a cool $850,000.

Kickstarter, anyone?




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6 Responses to Food Co-op, Anyone?

  1. Spiffy says:

    is there an actual restaurant in Russian House? I get conflicting reports and haven’t stopped in yet to see…

    • I don’t think there’s an actual restaurant…more a little market with some food items. It’s been a long, long time since I’ve seen the garage open, though. Not sure it’s that operational at this point.

  2. aaroninis says:

    Food co-op: interesting idea. A People’s on Foster certainly would go a long way toward a more holistic, earth-based vibe in this carbon-addicted neighborhood!

  3. veener says:

    Maybe if that REIT idea works with the Phoenix building the same could work to start a natural food co – op \ store. I’m also hoping the Mercado fills part of this gap in terms of grocery access.

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