Eight Custom Homes Coming to a Lot Near You

Everett Homes : 65th and HolgateWell, maybe not right near you.  But…

The vacant lot at SE 65th and Holgate—where a Coptic church once stood—is slated for the development of eight new homes.  The developer, Everett Custom Homes, seeks to divide the property into eight 2,500 sq. ft. lots, with the new houses fronting SE 65th.  Each of the two-story, 1,650 sq. ft. homes will have alley-way access with either a concrete pad or detached garage for parking.

Current estimates call for starting prices in the low-$300,000’s.

While that may seem like a lot, the homes being developed just two blocks east are selling for $341,000 (the original listing prices was $365,000).  That may bode well for property owners in the area, but it could also signal a change for a neighborhood that’s generally been perceived as relatively affordable.

N. Missouri

Taken from Redfin: An Everett home recently constructed in North Portland; similar to model being proposed at SE 65th and Holgate

This development also marks a changing landscape along Holgate.  In addition to the aforementioned homes being constructed between SE 67th and 68th, the once-vacant lot opposite the Everett property (and across from Laurelwood Park) is slated for a six-unit apartment building and is in the beginning stages of construction.

The timeline for the Everett construction is 6-8 months, with completion 4-6 months beyond that.

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3 Responses to Eight Custom Homes Coming to a Lot Near You

  1. Kathy Ireland says:

    So many similar homes seems to be changing the feel of the neighborhood. Sure, neat and tidy, but it reminds me of the honey combed hill sides of Gresham. No character, no history. Also, the piles of thick gravel (illegally ) dumped in the alley raises the alley above the properties and promotes flooding. .

  2. chowswap says:

    It’s weird that these are so expensive for so little land, jammed onto a pretty busy street. I guess density is a Good Thing, but I can’t imagine these being very attractive to buyers when there are still a lot of nice, older places that aren’t four feet away from other houses.

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