Lease Agreement Between PDC and Portland Mercado to be Voted on This Wednesday

We’ve come this far.  Now we just need a few “i’s” to be dotted and “t’s” to be crossed.

Make it so, PDC.

At Wednesday’s Board of Commissioners Meeting, the PDC should be putting final touches on an agreement to let Hacienda CDC build the Portland Mercado at 72nd and Foster.  For formality’s sake, the the resolution will be put to vote, hopefully signaling the last step before the former Metro Auto Wholesale lot gets developed.

And by developed, I mean transformed.  Completely.

From PDC Board Report

From PDC Board Report

Per the PDC report:
“Hacienda will conduct a major renovation of the existing 6,766 SF building to create spaces for four retail businesses, four permanent food stalls, three offices, a commercial kitchen, a market hall, and a dining area. In addition to the building renovation, Hacienda will landscape and improve the existing surface lot for eight food carts, a plaza, and parking…”

In regards to the landscaping, they’ll be partnering with DePave in July to begin greening the space.

In the odd chance that any of the commissioners are questioning the merits of this project (doubtful), feel free to show up and voice your support for the plan.  Oh, and while you’re there, let them know how excited you are that the Lents Town Center is on tap for a brewery, pub and full service restaurant in the former Ararat Bakery (and fantastical Euro nightclub) space on 92nd.  That has to be voted on, too.

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