Happy Weekend, FoPo!

We’re now a week into March, with Spring lurking not too far away.  It hasn’t changed the weather too much, though the rain feels a bit warmer.  That’s something, right?

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– As you’ve heard, Red Castle was burgled last weekend.  If you’re in the gaming community, they’ve assembled a list (and it’s big) of what items were stolen.  Keep an eye out.  We’ve listed all the stolen merchandise in the comments section of our original post earlier this week.

– Also from earlier this week, it looks like the former Fred Meyer Red Tag store will soon become a Harbor Freight.

– More good press for the Portland Mercado.  Portland Monthly again includes a blurb about the soon-to-be-transformation at 72nd and Foster.  My favorite part:
        “You wouldn’t look twice at SE 72nd Avenue and Foster Road: an abandoned auto wholesaler, paint peeling, lot overtaken by encroaching weeds. Starting in April, this sad spot could become…”
Sadly, you could probably pick a few spots on Foster and fill in the blank.  In this case, it’ll “become a beacon for Latino Portland.”  Can’t wait.

– Your Foster-Powell Neighborhood Association meets this Monday at Bar Carlo, from 6:30 – 8 p.m.  Among other things, they’ll be talking about a planned development at 65th and Holgate, as well as the Powell-Division Transit and Development Project (as presented by Metro Councilor, Bob Stacey).  Oh, and check out the NA’s improved website.

– The folks running the Bob White Theatre have made public their events calendar.  This should help you better sort through the variety of shows that are taking place there.

– Mark your calendars:  Plant Sale and Fundraiser for the Foster-Powell Community Garden, April 12, from 2 – 4 p.m.

– Music for the weekend:
Friday- Mikael Pederson at Torta; Cronin Tierny at Starday
Saturday- Cole Carr at Torta; Ashby Scaggs at Gemini

Have a good weekend, all.  Be cool, be safe.

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