Don’t Mess With Red Castle

Masked Man IIHelp Red Castle get vengeance.

Well, not vengeance.  But I’m sure they’d like the slime-ball thief who broke into their store this weekend to get caught.  Justice served, you know.

In addition to the broken window they’ll now have to replace, the owners will be trying to recoup $2000 worth of retail items that were stolen.  That’s a bummer.  And for business on Foster, that’s not necessarily an easy task.

Masked Man IIIHere’s how you can help:

Get your vigilante on (you know, cape and mask and all) and catch the greasy weasel.


Buy a game or two.  Or buy a game or two for a friend.  And encourage that friend to buy a game or two for their friends.  If you have any gaming needs, bring it to Red Castle and give them your business.  They can use it.

Masked Man IOk, go….

For more pictures or to get more info, check out Red Castle’s Facebook page.  Or, you can check-in with the owners when you go in to buy some games.

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4 Responses to Don’t Mess With Red Castle

  1. Tim (Ironfather TIm) says:

    Depending on what was stolen watch -ebay for sales if you can post a list of what was stolen it would help too.
    lastly do you have more footage?

  2. Here’s a list of what was stolen:

    Angel of Fire
    Fist of Demetrius
    Ravenwing Command Squad
    Crusader of Fire
    6th Ed. Rule Book
    Chaos Space Marine Battle Force
    Centurion Devastator Squad
    Apocalypse Book
    XV104 Riptide Battlesuit
    Imperial Knight
    Eldar Wraithknight
    Space Marine Predator x2
    Necron Destroyer
    Drop Pod
    Space Marine Tactical Squad
    Necron Warriors x2
    Chaos Terminators
    Land Raider
    Nemesis Dreadknight
    Necron Flayed Ones x2
    Necron Immortals x2
    Necron Ghost Ark
    Necron Codex

    Warhammer Fantasy:
    Warriors of Chaos Codex
    Ogre Mournfang Calvary
    Skaven Stormvermin

    Carrion Effigy
    Simulacrum #29
    Rail Crew Box Set
    Dead Doxy
    Spawn Mother
    Scales of Justice
    Mobile Toolkit

    Kovnik Markov
    Hordes Starter Set x2
    Road Hog Heavy Warbeast
    Earthborn DT Alpha
    Tharn Ravagers
    Mulg Ancient DT
    Cataphract Acuarii
    Catapharct Cetrati

  3. Crabby Abbey says:

    Nice! The id10T left his DNA on the floor (see jacket). Not hard to get with that much material lying there. Not to mention glove prints and glove marks. This is probably someone who has been there in the past few days to see exactly where the things they’re after are located so they can get in and out before the police show up. I would look at every camera for the past month or so. That hairdo, body build, and location of the merchandise stolen. Tim is right on about ebay but they often hold the property for some time before moving it to distract law enforcement. Good luck and good job having a camera to collect evidence!

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