Score Another One for Woodstock

Woodstock has been like a black hole lately, sucking up any Portland-buzzy business that’s within its gravitational pull.

New Seasons.  Grand Central.  And now Dick’s Kitchen.  Oh, and they almost got Green Zebra just for good measure.

They’re now the near-Clackamas version of Hawthorne.

Fear not, though, Foster…there’s progress here, too.  It just comes at a slower pace and with a decidedly different vibe.

Look no further than the future Portland Mercado.  Or SE Works, where they’ll soon be expanding their WorkSource center at 79th and Foster, bringing more services to teens and young adults.  A performance venue that now brings concerts to Foster regularly.  A tattoo studio that spruced up its ground-floor storefront.  A nighttime bar and music scene that could rival any other in Portland.  A new collective of artists, designers and furniture-makers at Foster Row.  A budding taqueria and bottle shop.  And yoga, for chrissake.

See, not all’s bad in Foster Land.  Our growth just looks a little different.  And maybe it’s better that way.

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