Speaking of Local…

We have a business association.  And we have some pretty rad businesses and business owners.  But until recently, there’s been a sizable disconnect between the two.  In short, our business district hasn’t always been properly promoted and/or pushed for continued success by the business association.

Foster Street Card

Flyer from Foster Small Business

With a recent shakeup of the Foster Area Business Association board, that may soon change.  In the interim, the crafty folks behind Foster United, Foster Art Night, and Foster Our Block, are doing their part to put our local businesses in the spotlight…or at least encourage you all to support them.

But how?

Enter the Foster Street Card.

Introduced to the attendants of Saturday’s Foster Summit, the idea behind the Foster Street Card is to incentivize your patronage of Foster businesses.  Much like the Chinook Book does, or your typical punch-card, it appears as if the Foster Street Card will provide discounts to various businesses.

While this is still in the early stages of planning and not yet available, the Foster Street Card has potential to connect our small business community and those who seek to support it.

For more information, visit www.fostersmallbusiness.com or, if you’re a business interested in participating, email Noelle@fosterunited.org.

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One Response to Speaking of Local…

  1. Miles says:

    I love this sort of idea! I have some questions about it, so I am going to visit their webpage but your link is broken (I’ll copy and paste for now).

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