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Our affinity for stiff drinks at Da Hui, cocktails at Gemini, and the occasional pint at N.W.I.P.A., are well documented.  And for fear of being called an alcoholic, we’ll only briefly point out that a margarita at Torta-landia and pairing beer and pizza at O’Malley’s may or may not be a favored pastime, too.  Oh, and Slingshot…Slingshot!

IMG_2184Sure, you’ll call our bluff—it’s not our love for the drink, we just really like to support our local businesses.

After all, you don’t have to be an alcoholic to support Foster’s wide array of local businesses.

You can be a foodie, for example.  (Well, not a foodie in the “I ate at Clark-Lewis last night, and it was so to-die-for” sense…rather, “you like food” kinda foodie.)  Because we got food.

Brunch, breakfast?  Bar Carlo nails it.  The former Lily Day Cafe and soon-to-be Midpoint Food and Drink does (did) too.  Arleta Library Bakery Cafe is close enough…and The Egg Nayar OutsideCarton kills it, as well.  Pieper Cafe and Speedboat Coffee round out the breakfast fare.

Speaking of Pieper–they got some soups.  Oh yeah, they got some soups. And the list goes on: Hawaiin Food at Da Hui; Mexican at Nayar Taqueria and Torta-landia; a wide variety of burgers, mexi-plates, crepes, pasta, and other specials at Bar Carlo; sandwiches and oysters at N.W.I.P.A.; pizza and grinders at O’Malley’s; Filipino food; Thai; barbecue; steak at Spot 79; and even Maple Leaf gets a nod for the perfect mediocre diner meal.

Doug Geisler, Organizer, Photographer

Doug Geisler, Organizer, Photographer

There’s more than food and drink, though. And I challenge you all to find a way to support your local businesses.  Get your hair cut at Mojo Salon or Heads High Barbershop.  Buy a game at Red Castle.  Get yolked at Foster Fitness.  Stretch it out at Fat Yoga.  Antiques, tires, kitchen sinks, skate boards, fortune cookies, tattoos?  Yep, that too.  Want live music, dancing, or a show?  We have multiple performance venues.  Get new floors at Lansing Linoleum.  Plumbing needs?  George Morlan is there for you.  Chronic pain?  We got pot shops and chiropractors galore.

Sure, bar food, recycled tires, and fortune cookies can only go so far.  We get it.  But opportunities to invest locally do exist.  If you’re not currently supporting local businesses, we’d like to know why.  Please take a minute to complete our poll.

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5 Responses to Get More Local

  1. noelle says:

    Just shopped at A Boy this weekend and fixed our water heater. double win.

  2. Mike Burton says:

    Thai Street Food is really good. Bring cash if possible and be patient; it’s a small operation. And no mention of Foster Burger or An Xuyen?!

    • Good call, Mike. My failure to mention Foster Burger and An Xuyen sort of drives the point further…there’s a bounty of places to eat and drink. And it’s glorious. Thanks for making sure they all get their proper nods.

  3. We really appreciate the focus on local business. Lansing Linoleum has been on the street since 1948. Please drop by to look at the showroom. We have so much more than Home Depot!
    We have our trucks fixed at McCollum Automotive, get our plumbing and electrical supplies at A-
    Boy or George Morlan, and generally shop Foster first. Thanks again for your business.

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