Happy Weekend, FoPo!

We don’t usually get caught up in societal/holiday themes. Sure, you may get a Merry Christmas during the holidays. Or maybe a turkey reference in November.  But we don’t get all red and green for you come December or hyped up on Easter bunnies in the spring.  It doesn’t mean we can’t acknowledge our love for the neighborhood on Valentine’s Day, though.  As part of our weekend tidbits, we thought we’d profess (again) our love for Foster and some of the things, in particular, that make our love affair so strong….

– First, the community. Gardeners, families, trashers and tweakers. New parents, old parents, and kids all over the place.  Activists, artists, hip kids and rednecks. They all combine to make the neighborhood what it is.

– Secondly, Foster.  The bars…oh, the bars.  They make it what it is.  And, unfortunately, so do all the empty buildings and warehouses.  But so do the coffee shops, game store, Foster_ChromeBell-3karate studio, music venue, restaurants, bike store, food carts, performance spaces, and pot shops.  Again, we are a unique pairing of old, grimy, shiny, and new.

– Finally, the energy.  Folks are active; they’re interested, involved, and want/embrace the community spirit.  Not everyone.  But a lot.  And without them there would be no parties in Kern Park, a streetscape plan, neighborhood cleanups, Foster pub crawls (or fancy bike bells).  Keep doing your thing, folks.

Ok, now we can get into our weekend tidbits…

Rendering, Portland Mercado

Rendering, Portland Mercado / http://www.portlandmercado.com

– The Portland Mercado has slowly been building momentum as they prepare to make the lot at 72nd and Foster home.  This week they’ve finally given folks a sneak peek at what’s to come—at least in a visual, digital way, that is.  In announcing a job posting for market manager, they also shared a rendering of what the Mercado will someday look like.  They followed that up with a bird’s eye view of the plans the following day.  As exciting as it was when the Bob White Theater was purchased a couple years ago, this may be more of a big deal.  Hacienda CDC still intends to have the project completed sometime in 2014, with construction beginning in the next couple months.

– Lily Day Cafe will be closing this Monday for remodeling, with an eventual re-opening under the name Midpoint Food and Drink.  Apparently the new venture will have evening hours and a beer and cider tap list.  More to come…

– As some of you may know, the Wikman Building will be dangled in front of potential developers again in the near future.  This comes after Rose CDC and its community partners were unable to develop a plan that the county found suitable for acquisition. As such, the county intends to submit a request for proposals for its eventual redevelopment.  However, you have a say in what that RFP looks like.  If you’re interested in shaping how the RFP is submitted and what purpose the Wikman should someday serve, you’re welcome to join a RFP forum to provide input on the process.  Click here for more info.

– The Foster Summit is this Saturday.  If you want to be part of resident-driven conversation about the neighborhood and how Foster does and will impact our community (not just FoPo—Mt. Scott/Arleta, and Lents, too), make your way to Fruit Face (92nd and Foster) Saturday, from 1 – 4 p.m.  Many thanks to the folks at Foster United for organizing this.

– Alright, live music and other upcoming happenings:
* Cherry City Band plays Starday Friday night
* Gemini Lounge has Finn Doxie Friday, and Amber Harlan Granmo on Saturday
* Torta’s got Jeremy Hollen Friday, Dusty Richards on Saturday
* N.W.I.P.A.’s double-dosing it Saturday with Allen Bennett’s art opening and Opposite Day (you’ll just have to go in to find out what that is)
* Bar Maven will be hosting DJ BeLo and his spinning of old school and underground hip-hop Tuesday
* Finally, don’t forget that Bar Carlo airs The Walking Dead on Sundays and RuPaul’s Drag Race on Mondays

Have a good weekend, all.  Be cool, be safe.

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