Seen in FoPo (Arctic Dump Version)

Snow IIIf you work for the City or County, a school, or some public organization, kudos…you got a nice long, weekend.  If not, bummer…you had to brave the cold, sludgy, crunchy mess that was the Portland transportation infrastructure.

Sidewalks were burried.  Streets were icy.  Even MAX lines couldn’t accommodate its fleet of trains.

On and around Foster, though, “snow-pocalypse” transformed the neighborhood into part-cross-country ski course, snow-ball-battle zone, powdered dog and sled park, and Snow Iboozy winter refuge (particular thanks to Gemini, O’Malley’s, and Da Hui…though, props are in order for the other establishments that stayed open, too).

Sure, it was a pain for many—navigating the streets, weighing transportation options, bundling up, and shoveling your sidewalks.  But for those who got to slack off for a few days, it was a nice gift after enduring sub-freezing temperatures for much of the winter with little to show for it.  Oh, and for once, the weathermen got it right.

As the remnants of our four-day winter wonderland melt away, we thought we’d share a few pics (thanks, Matt, for the drunk snowman)

Snow III

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