Happy Weekend, Foster Folks!

We took a week off, and now we’re snowed in.  The snow has turned Foster into a winter wonderland, and—finally—more pedestrian-friendly.  The sudden slowing and marked decrease of car traffic has proven a streetscape plan isn’t even necessary—a good snow storm does the trick.  Kidding.  But I’ll take it.  Now go get your Spanish Coffees and Hot Toddies.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– As far as I can tell, most of our lovely watering holes / restaurants  are open for your wintry revelry….though Starday appeared closed last night.  Get a warm cocktail or a bite to eat while the rest of the city is shut down.  And if you’re not hungry or thirsty, Red Castle could be a nice refuge, too.

– Speaking of eating and drinking, Lily Day Cafe is offering 2-for-1 cranberry mimosas for the month of February.  Do it.

– More food and drink…Da Hui made the Willy Week’s list of 10 kalua pig plate lunches in Portland.  While it didn’t make their top pick—or even the second tier of “also good”—it did round out the list with all “the rest.” That’s not necessarily worth bragging about, but they only had good things to say about the place (as an aside, Da Hui makes a nice, stiff cocktail):
    “The paintings of topless Polynesian women hanging from the east wall of Da’Hui are probably worthy of a master’s thesis on the dual nature of colonialism and sexualization, but the décor, while kitschy, is authentic. There’s a rattan bar and a traditional war helmet hanging between sea turtle shells next to the door. The kalua pig plate ($8.50) is definitely high on the authenticity scale. The meat was soft and mushy, like canned tuna, which is not what you want, but it tasted right, and the texture of the rice was perfect. The macaroni salad, with egg salad and potato chunks, was more elaborate than you’d usually find in the Islands. It all reminded me of something very familiar: the monthly kalua pig plate at my elementary-school cafeteria.” ALEX TOMCHAK SCOTT.

– The Foster-Powell Community Garden plugs along as it awaits a busy spring.  Click here  to see what’s new and when upcoming work parties will take place.

– Did you know N.W.I.P.A. serves wine, too?

– The Foster-Powell Neighborhood Association meets this coming Monday at Bar Carlo, from 6:30 to 8:00 pm.

– While you can still get your drink on at most bars on Foster this weekend, we can’t guarantee that all scheduled events will happen.  Here’s the rundown:
* The Stomptowners are scheduled to play Starday tonight.  But like we said, they didn’t appear to be open last night.  No word on this evening.
* Ashby Scaggs has Gemini on Saturday
* Torta was closed last night, but if they re-open tonight, Elliot Ross w/Renee Uzzardi has (had?) the bill.  The Lew Jones Trio has Saturday night (maybe).
* And this, too, may happen—Distilled: a PWNW Fundraiser!

Enjoy the snow, folks.

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5 Responses to Happy Weekend, Foster Folks!

  1. Cora Potter says:

    For the plate lunches many – if not most Foster-Powell residents live closer to or equally close to L&L Hawaiian Barbecue which was the #1 pick by Willamette Week – “there really is no reason to get plate lunch anywhere else in Portland.”

    Bonus: you can get FroYo next door at Green Apple for desert and if you really need a drink, the liquor store is across the street.

  2. Tony Lynott says:

    Erin welcomes you back……….

  3. 62ndgarden says:

    Love the street scape comment! …and it didn’t cost a cent! Also, Da’Hui ROCKS and they support the Foster Powell Community Garden so they earn my loyalty, too.

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