Happy Weekend, Foster!

Have you been out to eat or drink on Foster lately?  Buy a board game or car part?  Take in a show or karate lesson?  If you haven’t, remember that Foster won’t thrive until you do.  Make it happen, folks.  And in the meantime, enjoy your weekend.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– Lots of news and local press this week.  First up, An Xuyen.  While we push hard for the local businesses, it would be hard not to mention the Vietnamese bakery/cafe near Foster Burger.  And the Oregonian has taken notice, too.  As Ben Waterhouse notes in two separate pieces, An Xuyen is not just a rad and delectable little spot on its own, but they supply a handful of well-known restaurants with their buns, too.  Check out his rundown, as well as the list of restaurants rocking their buns.

– In more local news, it appears the 50’s Bikeway will be a thing.  And by thing, we mean more than just a floating idea and, ahhem, biker’s wet dream.  As reported by BikePortland.org, summertime may bring the long-anticipated, north/south bikeway to fruition.  PBOT says construction could start as soon as March, and ultimately connect Foster to the rest of Portland’s bike world…while also giving bikers the much needed north/south access.

This kid.

– The Lents Urban Renewal Area (which includes our stretch of Foster) got a little press, too, this week.  And so did the PDC.  Unfortunately for them, the Willamette Week did not paint a pretty picture of how they’ve spent $96 million in the area, specifically around the Lents Town Center.

– Saturday: “Kaijudo Duel Days Sealed Event at Red Castle Games! $25 entry gets you 6 Packs and and prizes for everyone.”

– Live music this weekend:
* Gemini Lounge- Finn Doxie rocks Friday; So To Speak holds it down on Saturday
* Torta- Zoom’s got Friday
* Starday- TBD

Have a good weekend, all. Be cool, be safe.

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2 Responses to Happy Weekend, Foster!

  1. sergeim105 says:

    I’ve also seen info on high capacity transit being prioritized on Powell w/ construction as soon as 2018 in the Tribune. This would likely be awesome if done right.. maybe they can make use of those strange parking areas / turnouts on the South side of Powell.

  2. mr.rodgers says:

    Those turnouts are remnants from the 1970’s Mt. Hood highway project that was thankfully never realized.

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