Happy Weekend, Foster!

It’s always hard to get excited about the new year when it’s cloudy, rainy, and cold…just as it was before the calendar turned.  Still, here we are: 2014.  We hope it’s started off right for you.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– Remember that Red Castle Games can only reach full world-domination if and when they expand AND get their new board game, Big Fish River, funded on Kickstarter.  The expansion is happening whether you like it or not (better be the former), but their board game production can use your help.  Donate what you can…there are gifts involved.

– This is old news obviously, but New Seasons’ eventual presence on Woodstock does make me wonder how secure Green Zebra’s plans are for the same street.  They’ve already announced plans to move a few blocks east (presumably) because of New Seasons, but even that seems too close for comfort…especially with Safeway already there and, I believe, a Plaid Pantry and 7-11 as virtual neighbors.  So, as some people have already suggested, would it make sense for Green Zebra to consider Foster instead?  Would they be an appropriate fit?  Where?  Let us know what you think…and, more importantly, let them know as well.

– An update on a post from earlier this week regarding the Wikman Building:  The County officially moved forward with plans to release a request for proposals for the site.  Cross your fingers we get some well-intentioned bidders.

– Foster businesses get some press:
* Nayar got Willied
* Willy Loves Road Runner Barbeque
* I’ve Been Framed gets some props
* Red Castle’s Big Fish River was featured on KOIN

– On the Po side of FoPo, there’s a new-ish Thai restaurant, Siri Thai, at SE 52nd.  Also, the Lodge Bar hangs tough with regular live music…this Friday and Saturday will see Countryside Ride and the Oh My Mys, respectively.

– Back to the Fo.
* Gemini will be back up and running this Saturday.  Kicking off their return is Amber Harlan Granmo.
* Wandering Zero will be performing at N.W.I.P.A. on Saturday.
* Charlie Barker takes Torta on Friday; Andrew Grade holds it down on Saturday
* Starday is TBD

– Finally, if you’re not hip to this, you should be: Multco Libraries are now offering streaming video and other downloadable content.  Peep it: https://multcolib.org/ebooks-and-downloadables

Enjoy the weekend, folks.

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