Wikman Building Back Up For Grabs

wikman_building_photoWikman-Arleta, we hardly knew ye.

We saw this coming.  It was even spelled out not too long ago when the County nixed a plan by ROSE Community Development to acquire the space.  But now—with a new request for proposals being considered—the fate of the Wikman Building is even murkier.

The former Arleta Library and part anchor to an historic corner of Foster, which includes Laurelwood Park and the all-brick SEIU building across the street, is on the market again (unless ROSE and its community partners can twist their arms).  And this time, it appears the community won’t get first dibs on the space.

So as Multnomah County mulls opening bidding for the space, what do you feel would be the most appropriate use of the building?

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7 Responses to Wikman Building Back Up For Grabs

  1. Spiffy says:

    I’d really like to see pictures of the inside of the building…

  2. Miles says:

    Community Center!

  3. malexreed says:

    I’d love to see pretty much anything there but the vacancy that’s there now. It strikes me as potentially a good space for professional offices. Would be nice to have some more employment in the area and the employees could go over to Pieper Cafe or other n’hood joints for coffees and lunch!

    • Miles says:

      I think that is basically ROSE’s plan for the space. They just don’t have the actual businesses lined up to occupy the space at the moment so the city rejected the proposal.

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