Happy New Year, Plus Red Castle. Takes. Over. The…


Red Castle LogoOr at the very least, they’ll conquer Foster on their way.  And we’ll love every minute of it.

In dual-gamer news, Red Castle Games will be expanding their presence on Foster AND releasing their very own board game.

For history’s sake, here’s a quick primer:  Red Castle moved into the four-storefront Foster Plaza (64th and Foster) over three years ago.  At the time, they were bookended by a smoke/pipe shop (Highway 420) and a poker room (The Players Palace).  When the poker room folded (no pun intended), Red Castle nabbed the bigger space.  Highway 420 would soon leave, too, leaving Red Castle as the sole occupant of the commercial strip.

Fast forward a couple years.  The smoke shop has given way to a martial arts studio, and Portland Ketchup Company has set up their office in the third of four spaces.  That leaves one vacant storefront.

Foster PlazaRather, it did.

Red Castle will be taking over the last vacant space, and Foster will soon have its first board game-themed cafe.  If for some reason you don’t think that’s rad, Lord help you.  But if you need convincing, I’ll try.  First, let’s remember that a few years ago this plaza was poker, pot, and two empty storefronts.  Second, Red Castle Games may be the only consistent business that draws people to Foster who 1) aren’t necessarily from the neighborhood, 2) aren’t trying to score meth or scrap metal, 3) aren’t either drinking alcohol or coffee/tea, and 4) know what a “malifaux” and a “twink” is.


Ok, so about this cafe.  The idea is to create cross business with the game store, while also drawing people in who may not have otherwise been exposed to the joys of gaming.  The intention, too, is not to compete with existing coffee shops, and thus will be more of a late-night hang.  Anticipated hours of operation will be 4 p.m. until 2 a.m..  So there it is, Foster’s sole evening venue that doesn’t revolve around alcohol or under-age raving.

But there’s more.

Red Castle Games has a board game.  And by board game, I mean their own home-made board game.  Big Fish River is the brainchild of Chris Kelly, longtime Red Castle regular.  He’s teamed up with the store to bring his game to production and, ultimately, into your homes.  That costs money, though.  And money’s scarce these days.  So that’s when crowdfunding comes into play.  You know, Kickstarter et al.  But those things don’t work unless you chip in.  And when you do, good things happen.

So help them.  Fund the heck out of their Kickstarter campaign.  Red Castle is doing good things for Foster, so if you don’t support them by buying games, kick in a donation for Big  Fish River.

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8 Responses to Happy New Year, Plus Red Castle. Takes. Over. The…

  1. Nicole says:


  2. Aaron says:

    Good for Red Castle! Seems like a healthy presence in the ‘hood.

  3. veener says:

    Not a hard core gamer, but think this is pretty sweet… this reminds me a bit of Backspace downtown… which is a good thing.

  4. Matthew says:

    Thanks for the great article! We are proud to serve the Foster/Powell community and look forward to the many great years ahead of us!

  5. Darlene Lambert Netzer says:

    Congratulations to Matthew, Evan, and Chris & Red Castle! Love following your story and supporting your Kickstarter Campaign! I’ll keep spreading the word!

  6. Congrats to Matt and his team at Red Castle Games. One less vacancy is a win for everyone, especially the Foster Corridor. Now about those other empty storefronts…..

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