2013 in 365 Words

Up-and-coming seems like a perpetual state of being.  Maybe that’s ok.  I suppose it’s better to be peaking than to plateau.

There’s a cliche, right?  Something about the journey.  Not the destination.

Well, Foster continues on its journey.  So, too, do the surrounding neighborhoods.  Petty crimes persist.  Metal scraps continue to pile.  But a neighborhood spirit overcomes it.  And slowly it goes.

A community garden filled a vacant, asphalt lot once home to a gas station.  Neighbors built garden beds, donated dirt, labor, and know-how.  Seeds will sprout in the spring.

Yoga found its way to Foster, amidst the bars, pot shops, and auto-detailers.  So, too, did a skate shop that doubles as community space for music and art.

Alas, alcohol has not poisoned the neighborhood.  It has aided in the creation of legitimate “third spaces,” where a home away from home has set the scene for entertainment, the arts, and community meetings.  And maybe a few nights we may want to forget.  But at least it happened on Foster.

Oysters.  Yep, that happened, too.  And Foster celebrated a year of successful business   where fancy beer and cheese plates predominate.  It wasn’t long ago that meth was more popular in these parts.

Tress?  They’re on their way.  Bike lanes, lights, and less speeding cars, too.  And soon enough you’ll be able to walk along Foster without fear of crossing.  The future’s bright.

If this is up-and-coming, I’m not sure I ever want to arrive.

The music keeps on playing on Foster. Live. Lots. Take your pick where.

Spend all day.  Coffee and breakfast in the morning.  Lunch, outdoors or in.  Happy hour.  Dinner with increasing variety.  Welcome to the neighborhood, Nayar.  Thanks for adding pasta to the menu, Bar Carlo.  Pizza, sliders, gyros and hummus plates.

Stay for a board game.  Role playing, too.  Or a rave for the daring.

Neighbors have cleaned up; partied in the park; collaborated with each other; planted trees.  There’s a contrasting beauty, and you can tour it every year.  Every. Year.  Beautiful gardens.

The landscape is changing, though…as it must.  Be part of it.  Greet your neighbor and make this place home.

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3 Responses to 2013 in 365 Words

  1. MattSE60th says:

    Bee-youtiful! Happy New Year, FoPo!

  2. alex says:

    and we got a new brothel called Seductions. Onward! 2014 is going to be a good year.

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