End of Year Tidbits and “Best Of” Poll

All the buildup for the holidays…and, poof.  It’s gone.  Only a night of binge drinking left before starting a new year.

Before we do, though, we thought we’d share some end of the year tidbits of local interest, and then get a feel for what you thought were some of the more significant Foster happenings, developments, and news items of 2013 (poll below).

First, the tidbits….

– The Oregonian’s Michael Russell unveiled his top 10 Portland dishes for 2013, and one of our own made the cut.  Congrats to N.W.I.P.A. for not only proving to be good beer mongers, but culinary gurus, too.  Russell listed their Shigoku Oysters as one of his favorite dishes on the year, adding that much more acclaim to our local bottle shop.  

– The Wikman Building is up for bid again.  Without a strong enough financial plan, ROSE  CDC and its coalition of partners were unable to secure rights to the building after a year and a half of trying to acquire the space from Multnomah County.  The building was deemed “surplus property” by the county nearly two years ago and, with ROSE’s failed bid, it’ll be up for grabs again.  Cross your fingers for ROSE to re-emerge as a potential suitor, or that someone else with community-mindedness steps up.  If for some reason the Holgate Library needs to expand, this space would be ideal.

IMG_2982– FoPo made the news on Christmas Eve, but not in a good way.  The city’s 16th homicide took place on SE 67th, just north of Rhone Street, Tuesday evening.  Sad.

– On a cheerful note, the neighborhood definitely got into the holiday spirit.  Lots of lights, inflatable snowmen, and lurking opportunists looking for FedEx packages on peoples’ stoops.  All joking aside, the holiday decorations were a sight to see.  Every year it gets brighter and brighter.  Good work, FoPo.

Now for the poll.  Let us know what your most memorable 2013 moments were in the neighborhood.

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3 Responses to End of Year Tidbits and “Best Of” Poll

  1. Sarah A says:

    Portland Monthly also named the FoPo Cristo at The Egg Carton the official neighborhood breakfast sandwich!

  2. Gray Wolf says:

    Foster Powell becomes own self-recognized, independent country. New borders are established at 50th and Powell / Foster, complete with armed border guards selected from neighborhood rogue children. Strange graffiti appears all over the alleyways and vacant buildings – cryptical references to a mysterious “alcalde” or “mayor”.

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