Christmas Wish List, Part 1

I know I can’t always get what I want.  Mick Jagger said so.

But sometimes, just sometimes, you know, we get what we need.  So here’s my stab at getting Foster what it needs.

Number one on my Foster wish (cough, cough…need) list:

A movie theater.

There, I said it.  Not New Seasons.  Not Trader Joe’s.  Not even Green Zebra.  I need movies.  I can only handle so much drinking on Foster, so it’s time for another form of entertainment (and no, costumed-underaged-raves at the Bob White doesn’t fly for me).

This doesn't count as a movie theater until they start playing movies. Regularly. And for the general public.

This doesn’t count as a movie theater until they start playing movies. Regularly. And for the general public.

Ok, we don’t technically need a movie theater.  Foster certainly has more pressing issues.  But, come on, it’s like having a hot tub in your backyard without any water in it.  We have the theater, just no movies.  We’re. Just. So. Close.

Oh, and there is a greater good in establishing a place for cinema in the neighborhood, too.

People get dinner before movies.  And sometimes they get drinks after.  Bar Carlo would like that.  So would any of the other bars in the general vicinity.  And if they’d like that, I’m sure someone else would, too.  And maybe, just maybe, Foster could score another restaurant out of the deal.  And who knows, maybe people from outside of the neighborhood would start visiting.  You see, it’s a domino thing; strategery at its best.  We need entertainment and restaurants and more people on our sidewalks…why not add a movie theater to make those things happen.

Sure, cross-walks, trees, and lights would be nice too.  But that stuff’s coming, right (we’re holding you to that, PBOT)?

We have a few more needs on our wish list, and we’ll be sharing/taking suggestions until Christmas…at which point we’ll cross our fingers Santa delivers.  Hint:  one rhymes with “matural narket.” Another has to do with all the empty storefronts.

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14 Responses to Christmas Wish List, Part 1

  1. Spiffy says:

    don’t forget about The Day Theater… not sure how much theater is left in there, but we could still have one theater for movies and another one for live shows…

  2. I’d love a craft store. With classes. And a pony. No, I take the pony part back. A wolfhound.

  3. Aaron says:

    I like to eat dinner and have a beer with my movie. Ala Laurelhurst.

  4. Miles says:

    A movie theater relies mostly on concessions to make it’s money (according to my friend who owns the Bijou in Eugene). I think that a bar/restaurant under the same roof as the movie theater is a must. Even if it’s small scale. I’d like to eat and drink while watching movies as well.

    I’m totally into talking to anyone about this, as you know if you follow this blog, I have been working on this idea for a while now. Let’s sit down in a room together and have a chat!

  5. Miles says:

    Email sent, let’s meet up and chat!

    This goes for anyone else as well… I’d love to sit down and talk with anyone who’s interested in creating a venue/movie theater/community center/whatever hub in our area. This kind of stuff only happens if we sit down and talk about it! Drop me a line.

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