Happy Weekend, FoPo!

Well, we made it through the big freeze.  And now we’re back to rain.  With the holidays coming up, things may slow down a bit.  So in the meantime, feel free to keep us posted on news, events, and happenings…especially of the holiday variety.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– Value Village is closing…big bummer.  We know they’re not technically in the neighborhood, but they might as well be.  What’s plan B for discount shopping?

Foster_ChromeBell-3– The Foster-Powell and Mt. Scott-Arleta Neighborhood Associations will be selling fancy, new bike bells to show off your—ahhem—Foster love.  $10.  That’s nothing.  And you should be able to use them on Foster’s new bike lanes within the next couple years.  If you want to order one, message the FoPo NA on Facebook or email fosterpowellneighborhood@gmail.com.  Or, venture the wet and cold and walk to the Crafty Underdog Shop or Meticon Bikes.

– For those interested in infill housing and some of the benefits and unintended consequences in the neighborhood, join the conversation here.

– Check with your favorite neighborhood bars, restaurants, and coffee shops about holiday closures.  As much as they love opening their doors to us all, Holiday cheer and New Year’s revelry overcomes them, too.

– Weekend events/live music:
Gemini Lounge- Amber Harlan Granmo returns tonight, 9 pm; J.C. and The Water Walkers perform Saturday night—this is also a holiday toy drive, so bring something for the kids; Natalie Greenfield holds it down Sunday evening.
Starday Tavern- Dennis Mitchell band may be playing tonight; Mad Max and the Wild Ones are definitely playing Saturday night
Torta- Wandering Zero tonight; Vibroaphone Trio and Dennis Elmer hold it down on Saturday

– N.W.I.P.A. has yet another tasting.  Burnside Permafrost and Tasting Party, Thursday, 12/19 at 6 pm.

Have a swell weekend, good people.  And again, let us know what we missed.

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