One More Streetscape Survey…Promise

Come on, one more.  Just. One. More.

This is PBOT’s way of documenting that the recommended streetscape plan is actually what you (majority) all want.  Surely people will grumble about added commute times, but here’s your last and final (maybe) chance to share what you think about adding street trees to Foster; improving pedestrian safety; reconfiguring traffic to bring a safe, main street feel to the neighborhood; consolidating/improving bus stops; making crossings safer; prioritizing funding for the project.  Well, maybe the survey is just about prioritizing funding, but you can still share your views.

Here it is:

Seriously, take it.  It’s good feedback for the planners / powers-that-be.

* Oh, and it probably won’t be the last survey.  But still…

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One Response to One More Streetscape Survey…Promise

  1. Spiffy says:


    PBOT doesn’t need to know that the majority approve. Its decisions aren’t based on a vote. All it needs to know is that safety will improve. Yes, they welcome your comments and votes on design, but they are only a small influence on their goal towards the greater good.

    It will be easy enough for commuters to leave 3 minutes earlier than before once the changes go in. And no, you can’t use the center turn lane to pass buses and parallel parkers.

    I’m excited to see all these changes implemented.

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