Thanks Shmanks

TurkeyA couple things we don’t do at FosterPowellPdx:

– political affiliation (donkeys and elephants are just that…donkeys and elephants)
– off-topic personal views
– personal attacks (shady businesses and politicos are fair game, though)
– sentimental posts (unless it’s an ode to Guapo Comics and Coffee or some other disappearing Foster virtue)

Sometimes we make exceptions, though.  In regards to the last “don’t,” we’d like to make an exception right now.

Let’s get a little sentimental.

Happy Thanksgiving, Foster!  Here’s what we’re thankful for living amongst the Foster-Powell denizens and other neighboring weirdos.

– Thanks for the abundance of bars that make choosing a Friday night adventure so easy (or hard if you’re susceptible to indecision)

– Thanks for multiple bus lines that can take me out of this little triangle when the desire hits

– Thanks for the diversity that adds to the vitality and eccentricity of the neighborhood

– Thanks to all of the oddballs, neighborhood nerds, community advocates, and other assorted characters that try to make the neighborhood as rad as it can be…and for some unexplained reason keep visiting this blog

– Thanks to all the business owners serving up coffee, food, drink, games, darts and pool sticks, toilets, bath tubs, entertainment, fitness, and even pot, nudity, and tires.  You make Foster unique, and increasingly thriving….though, to varying degrees

– Thanks for all the contrasts:  beautiful gardens and happy families juxtaposed with trashed yards, boarded up homes, and creepy scrap metal collectors surveying the neighborhood

– Thanks for all the activism.  Without it, there would be no streetscape plan, no community gardens, no parties in the park, and no neighborhood cleanups

– Thanks to the aforementioned scrap metal collectors who have so kindly left my muffler, hub caps, and garden art entact

– Thanks for the live surf rock, alternative, folk, blues, rockabilly, punk, and ambient music dotting Foster’s barmuda triangle on any given night

– And again, thanks to our readers.  Not sure why you keep coming back, but we’re thankful you do

Now we’ll let William S. Burroughs take over.  Happy Thankgiving!

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3 Responses to Thanks Shmanks

  1. Thank YOU for your love of all things Foster.

  2. Jess says:

    Yes, Thank YOU, for putting this great neighborhood blog together!!

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