Happy Weekend, Foster!

Hope you all have your ear muffs out.  There’s some serious snap in this cold front.  And if your job requires you to be up early in the morning, you know it’s especially snappy.  At least the sun’s out.  Enjoy the weekend, folks.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– Save the date:  PBOT will be holding an open house December 5 to discuss their recommendation for the Foster Road Transportation and Streetscape Plan.  This is more than presenting ideas for traffic and sidewalk configurations.  PBOT has already introduced its recommendation to the Stakeholder Advisory Committee, and they’ve voted to approve it.  The open house is your chance to see the plan and offer final feedback before it goes to city council for adoption.  The open house will be at SE Works (7916 SE Foster), from 6-8 p.m.

– Our very own Egg Carton got a nod in Portland Monthly’s ranking of best breakfast sandwiches (Alt-Bread category…whatever that means).  Check ’em out at Carts on Foster…they’re good folks.  And yes, their breakfast sandwiches are good.  The one that made the list:  The FoPo Cristo.

– If you have any design skills, the Portland Mercado needs you to create a new logo.  Only one of you, though, so bring your “A” game.  The logo should represent the diversity and vibrancy of the future Latino-themed market.

– With the Portland Mercado moving into the neighborhood soon, it’s a reminder of how desirable this area had become.  And in a pretty short time, too.  Not sure what the long-term implications are, but in the near-term it means a lot of homes bought/sold, as Paldowell as new developments adding to the housing stock.

– If you’re tired of waiting for a grocer to set up shop on Foster, Paldo Market’s still for sale.  For a cool $790,000 you can have prime Foster commercial space ready to go as a grocery store.  Or, if you have an in with the PDC, let them know…it would be a lot cheaper than the $2mil + they offered up to TJ’s as incentive to build on Alberta and MLK.

– The Stomptowners are turning Starday into a ceili house tonight, starting at 8:30 pm.  Get your fill of jigs, reels, and traditional Irish music, as well as old style (Sean nos) dancing.

– Other live music this weekend:
Torta-  This Fair City, Friday; The Lew Jones Trio, Saturday
Gemini Lounge-  Finn Doxie, Friday; Stein, Saturday

Stay warm, y’all.  And let us know if we missed anything.

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3 Responses to Happy Weekend, Foster!

  1. veener says:

    Speaking of groceries, I saw on the Tribune that a Winco may locate at 82nd and Powell. Not bad depending on your location… and its gotta be at Freddies down the road.

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