97206 Becomes Real Estate Hotbed

Either people are bailing on the neighborhood in droves, or the former Felony Flats has become quite the draw for homebuyers.

Yep, I said it.  Felony Flats.

Q3 Home Sales

From Portland Business Journal

But now it’s like, um, Felony Flats Manor.  Or Felony Flats View.

Whatever you call it, real estate agents got comfortable in the neighborhood during the last quarter.  As per the Portland Business Journal, the 97206 zip code was the fifth most active neighborhood in Portland-metro, with 242 homes sold during the summer months.  And not just active.  The article says we’re one of the “hottest” neighborhoods.  Only Beaverton-Raleigh Hills, Beaverton-Aloha (two different tracts), and Forest Heights saw more homes sold.


Ok, fine.  Woodstock and South Tabor folks probably hate that they got lumped into the “former Felony Flats” category.  And they probably make the rest of us look better.  But for the other combined neighborhoods of Foster-Powell, Mt. Scott-Arleta, and Brentwood-Darlington that make up the bulk of 97206:  kudos.  That’s quite the turnaround.

Hopefully the boarded-up house around the corner is the next to get bought.

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12 Responses to 97206 Becomes Real Estate Hotbed

  1. Spiffy says:

    if I had the money I’d be buying up tons of empty commercial space on Foster to prepare for the transformation that’s coming in a few years… Foster is the next Hawthorne…

  2. Kristin says:

    Haven’t you heard- it’s no longer Felony Flats, it’s Misdemeanor Meadows. But I’ll take Misdemeanor Manor!

  3. Collin says:

    We are in the process of buying a home in the area now and are very excited to see what the neighborhood will do in the next few years!

  4. Ben says:

    My wife and I bought a place in FoPo in September. I hope we were ahead of the curve!

  5. We just moved in September 15th and I love the neighborhood. Improvement would be great but I would hate to see a total gentrification.

  6. I’m with you, Ellen. Certain improvements would be welcomed, but not so much that the neighborhood is completely transformed. There’s a reason I moved here, and some of it has to do with character.

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  8. EDW says:

    Brentwood Darlington is a really cool neoghborhood. It has a huge park with tennis courts, beach volleyball, baseball and soccer fields, and a cool kids playground, Cartlandia, the Learning Gardens, and a cool elementary school – Woodmere. I think our secret is out!

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