Happy Weekend, FoPo!

Here it is, your weekend.  Much needed and welcomed.  Stay dry out there, Foster.  And keep us posted on any other events and/or happenings in the ‘hood.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– This week we learned that Hacienda CDC was awarded over $200,000 in grant money for the Portland Mercado project at SE 72nd and Foster.  That makes the status of the project that much more secure, and hopefully the long-vacant lot gets developed sooner than later.  Folks are definitely excited for what’s to come.

– We also learned that armed robbery does not necessarily earn the big bucks, nor are armed robbers the most opportunistic.  Case in point: Monday’s heist of the Foster Dollar Tree.

Mammoth in Space II– Bar Carlo will combine local musicians and the artists behind Craft Night SE for a night of “musical improvisation.”  The Friday night event, dubbed Mammoth in Space, will feature several musicians, films and projections, tarot readings, and a live creation of large scale artwork.  Tonight, 8 p.m..

– Speaking of Bar Carlo, the word is no more dinner on Wednesday’s.  You may want to confirm with them, but it sounds as if they’ll close at 3 p.m. for a mid-week break, with the rest of their schedule looking the same.

– The Marvins play at Torta tonight, with Jeremy Junkin getting the bill on Saturday.

– Congrats to N.W.I.P.A. for making SeriousEats’ list of Best Bottle Shops in Portland.  This isn’t anything we don’t already know, but it’s always nice to see a neighborhood spot get the kudos they deserve.

– The Bob White hosts a party Saturday night for the 16-and-over crowd.  It’s your chance to relive your youth, Foster (or not).  As per the event listing:  “Come lose yourself in the White Light at the Bob White…20,000 Watts of sound, visual effects, and killer lighting…”  Saturday, 6 pm to midnight, if any of you want to chaperone the young’ns.

– Speaking of the Bob White, some of our readers have shared their thoughts on the space and its recent ramping up of events.  Some are happy the theater/warehouse is active and being used; others are not too pleased with how the space is managed and what kind of events are thrown.  Add to the conversation—we want to know what you think.

Have a good weekend and, as always, let us know what we’ve missed.

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