Happy Weekend, FoPo!

Well that was nice.  Almost two weeks of sunny, nearly-70 degree weather—in late October.  The sun may stick around a while longer, though we do start to cool off.  It’s turned out to be a nice fall after all.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– I suppose we should start with the Foster Streetscape Plan.  As noted earlier in the week, and detailed more by Foster United, PBOT made their formal recommendation for a road diet on Foster.  The stakeholder advisory committee voted to endorse that plan at a Wednesday meeting.  Save for a few tense moments of accusations and near-yelling, it all went down as planned (ok, tension was to be expected, too).  Foster Road should see slowed traffic, better pedestrian and biking conditions, and wider sidewalks east of 82nd.  Word up!  Now PBOT has to fill in the details—where to place trees, ornamental lighting, and gateway signage—and present it to the community via a November open house.  Stay tuned for date and time.

misercon– Alright, who’s into role playing?  Not that kind.  Games…role playing games.  Starting tonight, Red Castle Games is hosting Misercon 2013, a weekend-long convention for role playing enthusiasts.  Check the store for schedule of events.

– By the way, that’s rad!

– Lot’s of Halloween-related events in the ‘hood:
* The New Bob White Theatre hosts Sinister (ft. Gridlock) and a collection of drum & bass and other electric dance/rave music in a “2-stage Halloween Horror Event” Saturday, 10/26
* All Hallow’s Eve party this Saturday, 10/26, at Bar Maven: DJ Skeletor, jello shots, and costume contest
* Halloween party at N.W.I.P.A., 10/31: Jack ‘O Lantern contest; costumes encouraged
* Halloween party at Bar Maven, 10/31: live music and drink specials
* We’re sure there will be other events, so let us know

– Friday Night cinema at Bar Carlo:  Akira Kurosawa films continue with Sanjuro tonight, 8 pm.

– Congrats to the Mt. Scott-Arleta Neighborhood Association for winning “Spirit of Portland Neighborhood Association of the Year!”

– Live music this weekend:
Friday- Finn Doxie at Gemini; Matt Hundley at Torta; TBD at Starday
Saturday- DJ Skeletor at Bar Maven; Sockeye Sawtooth at Starday; Travis Magrane at Torta; Sinister ft. Gridlock at The New Bob White

As usual, let us know what we missed.  Be safe this weekend.


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