Happy Weekend, FoPo!

Here we are again.—weekend in the Flats…er, the Land of Ooo.
Fall is definitely here.  Want proof?  N.W.I.P.A. had a pumpkin beer tasting last night.  If that doesn’t scream fall in the Northwest, we’re not sure what does.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– The Land of Ooo was short-lived, and its reception was less than enthusiastic (where’s the sense of humor?).  I suppose my imagination got the best of me.  Anyway, FoPo it’ll remain—for now.

– Speaking of The Land of Ooo (just can’t let it go), it was an actual thing.  And by thing, I mean the Bob White had a show.  Yep, last week.  Never mind that most waiting in line looked 19 and adorned short (very short) shorts and other adventure-land costumes. Something happened there.  And the costumes did provide some intrigue.

– More Land of Ooo (I will make it a thing).  The show was put on by a new group leasing out the Bob White: Pulsar Productions.  Yes, the Bob White may get regular action.  Pulsar will be putting on another show Saturday night to kickoff their new venture.  The event, dubbed “White Before the Fright,” is a blacklight party, so wear white.  $7 at the door.

– Akira Kurosawa fans, anyone?  Bar Carlo will be hosting dinner theater for the next four Fridays, with the following Kurosawa films playing (in order) on the projector screen: Red Beard, Kagemusha, Sanjuro, Rashomon.  Starts at 8 pm.

– Oh, and Walking Dead is back at Bar Carlo….Sunday nights.

– Cider tasting at Carts on Foster.  This Saturday.  In addition to cider samples, many of the carts will have special $2 menu items to share for your dining and sipping pleasure.

– Your FoPo Neighborhood Association meets this Monday at Bar Carlo, from 6:30 – 8:00.  Agenda items:  action at the Bob White, updates on the Wikman Building, street tree inventory, and a presentation by the Montavilla Co-op group (hmmm?).

– Don’t forget about the work parties at your community garden.

– Music for the weekend:
Gemini Lounge- Brown Erbe, Friday night; Kris Deelane and Adam East, Saturday
Starday- The Felony Flats, Friday night; tba, Saturday
Torta- Ripe Red Apple, Friday; Eric Vanderwall, Saturday

As always, let us know what we’ve missed.  Enjoy, cool people.

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One Response to Happy Weekend, FoPo!

  1. pulsarpdx says:

    Thank you for the warm welcome to the neighborhood. We are excited to meet the group on monday. Drop us a line via Facebook or email anytime. Cheers!

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