FoPo Adopts New Nickname

We’ve tried FoPo…but shorthand has become tired.  Arleta has a nice ring…but it isn’t quite as encompassing.  Laurelwood…too close to Laurelhurst, and nobody’s getting us confused IMG_1029with them.  Even a couple commenters offered suggestions—Mt. FoPo ScArleta and FoPo-A-MoSco—but that was mostly joking.

Everything we tried seemed forced.  So we waited.  Maybe fate would intervene.  Or an epiphany.  And then one day, voila…it came:  The Land of Ooo.  That’s it, the Land of Ooo—equal parts gross and promising, just like Foster itself.

And in a nod to perfect cosmic alignment, Foster’s grand marquee (I mean the refurbished sign hanging off the Bobwhite) proclaims who (where) we are.  The Land of Ooo.

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14 Responses to FoPo Adopts New Nickname

  1. Tony Lynott says:

    …………….and maybe consideration should be given to electing a Wizard of Ooo……..

  2. Spiffy says:

    I vote for Slant Town, since the road goes diagonally…

  3. How about Slanty Town, but I am intrigued by the idea of electing Wizard!

  4. kskelly32 says:

    Please. FoPo is the best alternative. No need to change it!

  5. Miles says:

    Lol. FYI, this sign is up because there was a electronic dance music show at the Bobwhite last friday called “Land of Ooo”, an Adventure Time (cartoon network) themed dance party. The people who put on the party (Pulsar Productions) have decided to rent the Bobwhite on a month to month basis. So we will be seeing something happening there. What that is remains to be seen, no doubt we will see another couple electronic dance shows in the near future. Hopefully they will put some other types of event on as well.

    • pulsarpdx says:

      Miles. We intend to fill the theatre with a wide array of shows, all genres of music, and performances will be welcome! Previously for the last 3 years, we have put on an electronic music show every 2 months or so, even doubling that, there is a lot of dead air!! We will be at the FoPo neighborhood meeting on monday, and can’t wait to meet everybody. Any ideas for shows at the Bob white will be met with an open ear. Cheers!

  6. Miles says:

    And wizard for sure! No matter what the name is.

  7. I really like FOPO…’s cute, fun, and makes for great material for bumper stickers, etc.

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