FoPo-Arleta Boogie

We are not the neighborhood association.  I repeat, we are not the neighborhood association.

n'hood socialWith that being said, we do like to promote the neighborhood.  Call us cheer leaders.  No, boosters—we don’t do pom poms or bad dance music.  Now we have a chance to “boost” Foster-Powell and Mt. Scott-Arleta.

It’s about time.

The two neighborhoods straddling Foster have more in common than they do differences.  Enough so that many just assume we’re one.  We’re not, though, but finding an identity that unites the two has been a long time coming.  The Foster Area Business Association probably should have done this years ago.  They didn’t.  So maybe it’ll happen organically.

The Foster-Powell and Mt. Scott-Arleta NA’s are hosting a joint neighborhood social tonight at Red Castle Games, from 6:30 – 8:30.  If you’re neighborhood association-averse, we get it.  This is not a meeting, though.  And you don’t have to join either of the NA’s.  You can get to know some of your neighbors, however, and enjoy free food.  Oh, and Red Castle Games.  Have we mentioned how we like Red Castle Games?

Make it happen.

* The person who proposes the best moniker branding both neighborhoods as one wins.  We’ll tell you what you win later.

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2 Responses to FoPo-Arleta Boogie

  1. Kyle says:

    Mt. FoPo ScArleta. HA!
    The logo on your banner is AMAZING! We should put it on everything.

  2. Oldie says:

    The Hyphen Hood.
    MtScoArlFoPo is a bit of mouthful, so maybe just FoPo-A-MoSco.
    Menage a Foster. (Think it translates to Household of Foster, Mr. Dirty Mind)

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