Somaphile No More

Well, the ratio of alcohol related to non-alcohol related businesses on Foster just increased.  Not that I’m complaining.  We have to be known for something, right?

Somaphile Movement Studio is no longer.

What’s that you say?  Ok, many of you (probably men, mostly) don’t know what a somaphile is.  Or even a movement studio, for that matter.  But if you do and happened to stumble upon Somaphile in the last few years, you’d know what Foster will miss now that the studio is closing.

Somaphile FrontFirst, what it wasn’t:  booze, tires, sketchy auto body shop.  That alone made it a novelty on Foster.

What it was:  woman’s health coaching, movement therapy, wild feminine gathering spot, and gentle chiropractic.  In essence, a health-driven, community-oriented studio for empowering women and promoting their well being.  What’s more, they hung tough with Gemi Lounge, Da Hui, and Raven Ink Tattoo as their bookends.

Ok, so why are we writing a review for a now-defunct business on Foster and vacant storefront?  Mostly to give Somaphile its credit and wish its owner, Danielle Cornelius, the best of luck as her business evolves and takes her on new pursuits.

So what’s next for the space?

Who knows.  Hopefully not tires or auto repair.

* Food co-op anyone?

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5 Responses to Somaphile No More

  1. Sinnyv says:

    Awww! I always meant to go and now it’s too late!

  2. Ben Firestone says:

    A new interactive skateboard shop just opened on 69th and Foster. They have a ton of skateboards and apparel for sale as well as rehearsal space for music and creating art. There is more than booze and auto parts in the HOOD.

  3. I did wonder what that space was about.
    I hate to see a fellow small business close and I know what it feels like for the patrons to lose a community group like that. If there are any displaced women looking for something else to try with a group that’s also empowering we are now offering Kickboxing classes Monday through Thursday at Defense Arts Northwest. And while the class is not strictly women only it is over 90% women looking for a fun and safe place to work out and learn some valuable self defense.
    Good luck in the future Danielle!

  4. Danielle says:

    Awww, thank you! I just moved a little closer in to 23rd & E Burnside so am still around. 🙂 The landlords of that space are really fantastic, I can connect anyone who is interested in contacting them. Cheers!

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