Advisory Committee Meets Tomorrow To Discuss Foster Streetscape Refresh

Screen shot 2013-09-24 at 7.39.43 AMCould Foster see a “road diet,” where four lanes of traffic are reconfigured into three, leaving room for bike lanes?  Will we keep the current four lane design and pray traffic mysteriously slows enough to make walking, biking, and driving safer?  Something in between?

Hopefully those questions will be answered soon.  The Foster Streetscape plan will get a little closer to fruition tomorrow, as the Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC) meets to discuss design options and next steps in the process.  With an added $2 million almost assured to come our way through Metro’s Regional Flexible Funds, Foster stands to see at least $5 million in improvements once the Streetscape Plan is fully built-out.

What that looks like, though, remains to be seen.  The Stakeholder Advisory Committee will be able to vote on design options, but it’s PBOT who will ultimately decide the fate of Foster Road.  If you want to check-in on the process, or make your opinions heard through public comment, attend Wednesday night’s SAC.  The meeting runs from 6-8 pm at SE Works.

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