More Homes Coming to a Vacant Lot Near You

Holgate Homes Lot IIIMaybe we put the cart before the horses last week (or insert some other idiom to describe our sequencing of events).  Yes, the imploding (ok, it wasn’t that) of the Coptic church at SE 65th and Holgate was news.  Indeed.  But the seven to eight homes proposed to take its place on the lot wasn’t the newest of construction news.  That honor goes to another (yes, another) vacant and wild, weeded lot two blocks east.

Before we reported that Everett Homes had plans to develop the lot at SE 65th, Tasso Custom Homes had already built a foundation for the first of six houses at SE 67th and Holgate. In my defense, it was easy to overlook, as the activity at the corner flower shop is all but nil, and the “For Sale” signs Holgate Homes Signin front of the weedy field have sat there for several months without any action.

But now, in a flurry of construction activity, the first seed has been planted on what will soon be a series of six modern and high-priced homes sprouting from the old corn field…I mean pheasant-hunting grounds…oh wait.

Ok, so we currently have a big cluster of vacant fields in the neighborhood.  Soon, though, we’ll have a cluster of homes nobody can afford.  Pick your poison.

Holgate Modern HomeAlright, no more cynicism.  This is good, right?  Someone sees the potential in the neighborhood, and someone’s willing to invest in the area.  And now I don’t have to worry about the wild coyotes and deer that inhabit that wilderness.  Sounds like a win-win.  And at the very least, Holgate will look that much cuter.  And if the homes (they’re actually listed as condos) look anything like in the sign, cute may get upgraded to sexy.  Imagine that—Holgate, sexy.

The fact that someone sees potential in FoPo is encouraging.  It’s just too bad I don’t have more disposable income.

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10 Responses to More Homes Coming to a Vacant Lot Near You

  1. Spiffy says:

    I’m surprised that they were allowed to build new single-family houses inside the urban growth boundary…

    I just hope they put the garages in the back with alley access like it looks like they are in the picture… we don’t need more driveways in that narrow area where there’s already a jog in the road…

  2. sergeim105 says:

    The garages are alley access according to the bill board. As a home owner I see this as a good development for my own property values and for further investment. Though I’ve heard a lot of complaints from people lately on how Division has developed as of late. Hopefully FoPo can maintain its own character.

  3. herownbadself says:

    I’m fine, fine with this as long as they each have enough parking! That block of 65th and Holgate is a nightmare, as a lot of the homes along 65th don’t have garages or driveways. Parking is scarce already…

  4. What’s the status of that grad student project on alley use? We have alley after alley that could be put to use, get cars off the street, etc.

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