Happy Weekend, FoPo!

I think the craziest part of the summer has passed.  National Night Out: check.  Movies In The Park: check.  Foster Art Night (June, July, and August): check.  FoPo Garden Tour: check.  Frequent happy hours: check.  A couple new businesses on Foster: check.  Crazies running around the neighborhood/police activity: check.  Now we get to coast through a few more events, have a few more sunny afternoon happy hours, and do the Fun on Foster thing, before Fall comes calling.  And it’ll happen quick.  Enjoy what summer’s got left for you, FoPo.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– We are currently mid-Macro Brewfest at O’Malley’s.  The yearly celebration and ranking  of cheap beers (preferably those that come in the tall boy variety) started yesterday, 8/22, and runs through the 24th.  Here’s a description, as per thrillist.com:
“After a Summer of 1000 microbrew fests, it’s about time somebody held a fest dedicated to cans of beer you can readily shotgun, then smash on your forehead. That’s why glorious Foster/Powell dive, O’Malley’s, brings us the great Macro BrewFest: for three days (Aug 22nd-24th), the joint’ll offer a beer pass where $7 gets you your choice of four tallboys from a finely curated selection of 14, plus live music and comedy. But how will your discerning palate decide which boy stands tallest? Well… we’ve gone ahead and ranked them for you, so you can use your head for crunching cans, not thinking.”

– Did anyone go to “Movies in the Park?”

– As we wrote earlier this week, the Coptic church at 65th and Holgate is no more.  In its place?  Seven to eight new homes by developer, Everett Homes.  This follows another proposed development of vacant property just two blocks east, between 67th and 68th (you know, by the flower shop that really isn’t a flower shop).  Changes are ‘a coming, FoPo.

– Could it be–another food cart on Foster?  There was a time when the future of the cart pod looked murky.  But with a couple mainstays and a few new additions, things seem to be working out ok.  The newest addition: Kusina sa Gulong, the pod’s first Filipino cart.

– Capoeira, anyone?  FoPo has its own group: https://www.facebook.com/capopdx

– Music for the weekend:
Gemini Lounge– Finn Doxie does acoustic modern on Friday; Dannica Lowery does folk/blues/Americana on Saturday
Starday Tavern– Tracy Fordice and the 8 Balls play the blues on Friday; Country-Western Honky Tonk by Andrea Bohon and the Enablers on Saturday
Torta Landia– Andrew Grade plays instrumental acoustic on Friday; Annie Vergnetti holds it down with folk/alternative on Saturday

Let us know if we missed anything.  Be cool, people.

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3 Responses to Happy Weekend, FoPo!

  1. Spiffy says:

    I went to Movies in the Park… it’s always great to see so many locals enjoying a cult classic like The Princess Bride… I always enjoy the casual atmosphere where people aren’t afraid to laugh heartily, applaud the hero, and boo the villain…

    and it’s good to see so many people walking around the neighborhood… (although many people drove…)

  2. Aaron says:

    Er, forgive my naivite, but what kind of shop was that age-old, mysterious, sorry looking flower shop? Drug front? (And if so, where shall we now buy our drugs?)

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