The Reviews Are In: Nayar Taqueria Is Good

Nayar OutsideNayar Taqueria.  I went there.  I ate tacos.  And I liked it.  But then again, I’ve never not liked a taco.  And outside of a tire shop here and a strip club there, I’ve never not liked a new business on Foster (yet).  So I’m biased.

But our readers aren’t.

So I’ll leave the reviews up to them.  Matthew Nenninger and his wife recently ate at Nayar and offered the following:

“My wife and I just returned from the newest restaurant in FoPo – Nayar Taqueria.  It’s in the space previously occupied by Ma Tona’s Salvadoran restaurant, at 5919 SE Foster Road.  We’ve been anxiously awaiting their opening because they’re just around the corner from our house, and who doesn’t love an authentic Mexican taco?

“We were not disappointed on our first visit (of many more to come).  

“The space is greatly improved (since the days of Ma Tona’s), and the owner and staff were very friendly and welcoming.  You order at the counter,  from a double-sided menu featuring tacos and Nayar Tacosburritos, as well as tortas, fajitas, tamales and more.  There are even a few salads, some vegan and vegetarian choices, plus menu items for the kids.

“We ordered the two tamale plate (choosing one pork tamale and one with poblano peppers and cheese), and four tacos to try out – al pastor (marinated pork with pineapple, onions and cilantro), carnitas (braised pork with onions and cilantro), pollo (grilled chicken with pico de gallo), and chili verde (pork in tomatillo sauce with queso fresco and pico de gallo).  The tamale plate came with re-fried black beans and rice.

“Other taco choices include picadillo (shredded beef), lengua (beef tongue), and machaca (shredded beef, egg scramble, sour cream and cheese).  The burrito choices are similar, and burritos are made using a whole wheat flour tortilla, with black or pinto beans, Spanish rice, fresh guacamole and pico de gallo.  You can get it smothered in sauce (red or green), with melted jack and cheddar cheese for an extra buck fifty.

Nayar Inside“Everything we tried was delicious.  The meats , which the owner said are all locally-sourced and hormone-free, were perfectly seasoned and prepared.  I tried some of their hot sauce (sort of an orange color – habanero?) on my tacos and it was very tasty with quite a bit of heat to make it interesting.

“You can have a Mexican Coke, a Mexican beer, or a Mexican soft drink, and we were told there will be a full bar with a focus on margaritas and mojitos.  A Happy Hour menu is also in the works.  Looking forward to that!

“The restaurant has only just opened, so they’re still working out some kinks, training staff, and finishing off the decor, but they are open for business and serving up some great, authentic Mexican food.”


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6 Responses to The Reviews Are In: Nayar Taqueria Is Good

  1. laura says:

    I would like to hear more about the vegan options. Are they for real or just pathetic tokens?

  2. Yes, we own Apex Bodyworks right across the street and we frequent this new place all the time…

  3. Spiffy says:

    I went there on “opening day” Friday after it was announced here… they said they had already been open for a couple days…

    they still had paper menus (which are now laminated) and no tables outside (currently 4 tables)… they also had a chalkboard menu behind the counter which is now gone…

    being only interested in vegan/veggie options I had the Burrito Vegetariano and a tamarind Jarritos… my date had the Enchiladas Rajas (which she’s had all 3 times she’s been there) and water (they now have standard Coke cups instead of the assortment of kitchen glasses they originally had)… on my second visit I had the Burrito de Rajas and a Dos Equis… everything was excellent… although the presentation of the burritos was lacking… I noticed that they now had some hard liquor on the side counter… I should get a tequila shot next time…

    the staff were super friendly… we picked a table in the back, and they had to move a jug of what I think was bug spray under our table… the place was bright and clean… they had a big TV on a small awkward table but they’ve since mounted two of them on either end of the place up high on the walls… something spanish was playing the first visit, but they were both off on my return trip when I sat in the main area…

    they gave out complimentary chips and salsa to everybody on my first visit… must have been a grand opening kind of thing because we weren’t so lucky the next week…

    the worst part of the experience was crossing Foster to get there…

    I know I’ll be going back…

    picture gallery from my visit:

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  5. Michael says:

    We ate there the other day. The food was great and the owner was really friendly. We’ll do our best to eat there and hope to help keep them in business. There are a lot of rough edges right now but I’m sure they know that and I can overlook them.

  6. taki1974 says:

    A really nice addition to Food options in the Neighborhood. Very good food and nice staff. My only complaint is the price of items are a little steep. With Tacos on a average of $3. I worry that the steep prices of the food will effect the Business. I will say the Chorizo Tacos are amazingly good and that I will go back.

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