Coptic Church no More: Seven to Eight Homes Slotted for 65th and Holgate

IMG_2172Well, this happened.

Or, I guess…it’s happening.

First, it was the demolition crew.  Then it’ll be the cleanup.  Next up will be the construction crews.  And before you know it, foundations will be poured for seven to eight new homes.

My first thought:  How will eight homes fit in there, and how small will the people be who live in them?

IMG_0987Next thought:  I kinda liked having a Coptic church in the neighborhood–where will the congregation go now that their church has been razed?

I guess the latter thought is out of my control, but it’s a bummer that added piece of diversity will be gone.  One can only hope the new homes in its place won’t be so expensive that continued diversity isn’t an option.

Oh, about those homes…

Everett Homes will be the developer, and they seek to build seven to eight houses on the razed lot at SE 65th and Holgate.  That’s a sizable project for a measly corner in FoPo.  Everett Homes

Maybe not so measly anymore.

The seven to eight homes, as per a rep from Everett, will resemble the likes of buildings recently constructed on N. Mississippi, as well as on NE Graham (pictured on right).

Looks nice.  But how will the neighbors feel having eight new homes nearby?  Who knows.  That’s when we enter the muddled world of NIMBYsm, gentrification, maintaining neighborhood character, etc.

I won’t go there, though.  I’ll leave that for the comment section.

* Side note:  coincidentally, there’s a song called “65th and Holgate” by the band, I Never Heard The Bullet.  Hmm.

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12 Responses to Coptic Church no More: Seven to Eight Homes Slotted for 65th and Holgate

  1. Spiffy says:

    wow, I didn’t even know the place closed, or was for sale…

    maybe they should have worked on more attention grabbing signage like the Victory Chapel Christian Center farther down Holgate…

  2. Tim says:

    Thanks for laying down the skinny on this project. I was wondering what was going on (I assumed they were building a bigger church). This with the addition to the new homes on 67th might help put the area on the radar for potential businesses (I’m thinking restaurants and maybe a nice grocery store?) Just a thought. But you’re right that’s is a bummer to see diversity leaving the hood.

    • Yes, I’ve heard about the proposed homes a couple blocks down. It’s crazy how quickly things can change.

      As for a restaurant and grocery store…one can only hope. And I suppose the chances certainly improve as developers keep eyeing the area. If we scored either, there would be little reason to leave the neighborhood.

  3. Ruben says:

    The Coptic community built an entirely new church. I believe it’s in SW. This was their plan along because the community is spread out through the metro area they wanted a more central location. The new church is beautiful.

  4. Kent Randles says:

    The song “65th and Holgate” by I Never Heard the Bullet is about the house across the street from the church: it was heavily damaged in a fire that killed one man, then it was torn down. The lot is still vacant. The lyrics are at

    • Wow! Thanks for the background on the song, Kent. It’s a sad story, but certainly brings meaning to the song, and gives a sense of history to that corner of the neighborhood.

      Again, thanks for sharing.

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