Happy Weekend, FoPo!

Not sure where to start with this one.  Is it with Foster Art Night?  The festivities at N.W.I.P.A.?  The Missing Cat Lounge?  Or the fact that there’s a band called, “Shut Your Animal Mouth,” and they’re playing in the neighborhood?  Either way, you have your work cut out for you this weekend.  Enjoy!

Here are your weekend tidbits (there’s a lot)…

– Ok, let’s get right to you it.  Foster Art Night is Saturday.  Big deal, I know.  But it also means it’s Fucking Art Night, and the many stylings of the Foster Road Salon beckon the readers, lovers, and art purveyors of the neighborhood.  One caveat.  Ok, maybe two.  First, no A-holes.  Secondly, bring a bottle of wine and/or food to contribute.  If you can meet that criteria and can appreciate some good music and readings, you’ll be treated to the photography of Dave Lutz and accordion of Lenny Hoffman.

As you’ve read, Saturday also brings us N.W.I.P.A.’s one-year anniversary celebration.  Kuza burgers, beer, Salt & Straw ice cream, and music.  What else do you need?

– The public was welcomed to an open house yesterday, in which the city presented plans for various transportation projects competing for federal grant funding.  Foster Road bike/ped improvements was one of those projects.  Cross your fingers there was a good showing and support for it.  Coincidentally, the Portland Tribune put out an article yesterday, too, describing some of the design options on the table for Foster.  Specifically, they spoke to the benefits of the proposed three-lane option, which would slow traffic, add bike lanes, and maintain a burgeoning sidewalk culture in the ‘hood.

Shut Your Animal Mouth– Ok, let’s backup here.  Before we get to Saturday, we have to get through Friday first.  That means Mothers Whiskey, Shut Your Animal Mouth, and The Decliners…live at O’Malley’s.  How could you not?

– Speaking of O’Malley’s…their Macro Brewfest starts this week, spanning the 22nd through the 24th.  Help them figure out which cheap beer will be their house selection for the year.

– Back to Saturday….

– This from your Foster-Powell Community Garden: “Looking forward to seeing some familiar and new faces at the next work party which happens this Saturday from 12-5.
The good news is: We have much to do to get ready for the Oregon Tradeswomen who will be coming in September to build a shed and some raised beds. We have just been awarded a small SPACE grant from the East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District (EMSWCD) that will help us work out the water woe’s temporarily and get these structures built.
The bad news is: The blackberries and weeds are back again!
More good news is: We eat blackberries and weeds for breakfast.
See you Saturday!”

– Who doesn’t love some good surf music?  Whether it makes you want to spend time at the beach, get psychedelic, or go on some bloody rampage a la Pulp Fiction, it’s sure to conjure up a distinct vibe one way or another.  So why not let that conjuring happen at your neighborhood’s most consistent music venue, Starday Tavern?  The Planet Crashers will provide the soundtrack for Saturday’s Surf Night.

– Fine, here’s the obligatory plug for Saturday’s celebration of all things SPAM…brought to you by Carts on Foster.

– Finally, the Ivory Leaves perform at Gemini Lounge Sunday evening…just in case you didn’t have enough on Saturday.

Have a good weekend, all.  Be cool, be safe.  And, as always, let us know what we missed.

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2 Responses to Happy Weekend, FoPo!

  1. alex says:

    Thank you for the info. Very interested to see how the foster streetscape plan shakes out. And awesome video once again!

  2. Thanks. I just hope politics doesn’t get in the way of the best plan possible.

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