Put Your Guns Away, FoPo

Come on now—flashing steel is so 2008.

Crime Map, 8:12

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6 Responses to Put Your Guns Away, FoPo

  1. Brett says:

    I heard this… was hoping it was just someone with extra large fireworks. The estimated 8-10 booms (shots?) happened over about 10 minutes and sounded very loud from ~ 4 blocks away. Is this just reports into the police or actual filed police reports? What website are you using for the mapping?

  2. MattSE60th says:

    I head these as well – at 60th and Gladstone. I thought it was fireworks at the time, but I guess I can’t be sure. I really hope it was.

  3. mattman911 says:

    That should be “heard these…” LOL.

  4. Brett says:

    Heard it again last night… pretty sure it’s fireworks. Lesson – Reports are not always true.

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