Birthday Bash at N.W.I.P.A.

NWIPAYes, it’s hard to believe.  Maybe it’s because of all the hops.  Extra hops, even.

N.W.I.P.A. just turned one.  And now they’re gonna celebrate with you.  And they’re doing it in high fashion.

This Saturday, join the folks at your favorite Foster Road bottle shop for cheap beer, expensive beer, ice cream, burgers, and live music.  Even the kids get to partake—sorta.

Here’s the breakdown:

Noon to 2pm – Select $2.00 pints of draft brew.
2pm to 4pm – Dollar scoops (cash only) of Salt & Straw ice cream, served outside by freezer-cart so the kids can get in on the action.
5pm – Music begins; Kuza Burger Cart sets up shop and starts slangin’ that good stuff

And don’t forget, Saturday is also Foster Art Night…and you know what that means.

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