Public Input Sought For Foster Road Funding Application

RFF Open HouseWe’ve asked you before.  And we’ll probably ask you again.

And if you don’t, we’ll even suggest you had a chance to single-handedly ensure Foster Road got the additional funds needed to make all the wonderful improvements you (we) desire.

That may be pushing it, but your voice does count.  And without the advocacy that local residents and leaders have displayed, we probably wouldn’t be so close to seeing an actual Foster Streetscape Plan build-out on the horizon.

But that advocacy needs to continue.  Just for…a little bit longer.

So if you’re free this Thursday, August 15th, and want to geek out to some city planning-speak and  development-visioning, here’s an opportunity.  Really, though, we just want you to go share your thoughts on why Foster could use some extra cash to make it as safe, beautiful, and useable as can be.  Without it, we may not get the transformation we so badly need (hint: safer traffic conditions, awesome bike facilities, street trees, widened sidewalks where they’re needed most).

When:  August 15, 6 -8 p.m.
Where:  Portland Building Auditorium, 1120 SW Fifth Avenue, 2nd floor

* Note: this round of applications relates to the City’s Regional Flexible Funds grant requests.  The application for the Foster Road project specifically targets funding for bike/ped improvements, of which money will be available for the 2016-18 funding cycle.

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2 Responses to Public Input Sought For Foster Road Funding Application

  1. seanpliska says:

    How do we leave feedback if we can’t attend? Thanks for the info.

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